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what are the Interview questions at Front Office ?

Please provide details for                                                 1.Front desk agent/receptionist
                                                2.Reservation Manager
                                                3. Guest Relations Manager
                                                4. Night Auditor
                                                5.Front Office Manager

If possible, please provide sample resumes for each designation.

Thank you very much in Advance.
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By connect on 10-10-2010 05:54 last edited

For the positions mentioned, you can ask the candidates the following common questions, or you may design some writing tests referring to the following information.

Most Common hotel Interview Questions:

What Are Your Weaknesses (strengths)?
Handle it by minimizing your weakness and emphasizing your strengths. Stay away from personal qualities and concentrate on professional traits: "I am always working on improving my communication skills to be a more effective presenter. I recently joined Toastmasters, which I find very helpful."

Why Should We Hire You for this job?
Summarize your experiences: "With five years' experience working in the financial industry and my proven record of saving the company money, I could make a big difference in your company. I'm confident I would be a great addition to your team."

Why Do You Want to Work In This Hotel?
The interviewer is listening for an answer that indicates you've given this some thought and are not sending out resumes just because there is an opening. For example, "I've selected key companies whose mission statements are in line with my values, where I know I could be excited about what the company does, and this company is very high on my list of desirable choices."

What Are Your Goals?
Sometimes it's best to talk about short-term and intermediate goals rather than locking yourself into the distant future. For example, "My immediate goal is to get a job in a growth-oriented company. My long-term goal will depend on where the company goes. I hope to eventually grow into a position of responsibility."

Why Did You Leave (Are You Leaving) Your previous Job?
If you're unemployed, state your reason for leaving in a positive context: "I managed to survive two rounds of corporate downsizing, but the third round was a 20 percent reduction in the workforce, which included me." If you are employed, focus on what you want in your next job: "After two years, I made the decision to look for a company that is team-focused, where I can add my experience."

When Were You Most Satisfied in Your Job?
The interviewer wants to know what motivates you. If you can relate an example of a job or project when you were excited, the interviewer will get an idea of your preferences. "I was very satisfied in my last job, because I worked directly with the customers and their problems; that is an important part of the job for me."

What Can You Do for Us That Other Candidates Can't?
What makes you unique? This will take an assessment of your experiences, skills and traits. Summarize concisely: "I have a unique combination of strong technical skills, and the ability to build strong customer relationships. This allows me to use my knowledge and break down information to be more user-friendly."

What Are Three Positive Things Your Last Boss Would Say About You?
It's time to pull out your old performance appraisals and boss's quotes. This is a great way to brag about yourself through someone else's words: "My boss has told me that I am the best designer he has ever had. He knows he can rely on me, and he likes my sense of humor."

What are your salary expectations from this hotel job?
It is to your advantage if the employer tells you the range first. Prepare by knowing the going rate in your area, and your bottom line or walk-away point. One possible answer would be: "I am sure when the time comes, we can agree on a reasonable amount. In what range do you typically pay someone with my background?"

If You Were an Animal, Which One Would You Want to Be?
Interviewers use this type of psychological question to see if you can think quickly. If you answer "a bunny," you will make a soft, passive impression. If you answer "a lion," you will be seen as aggressive. What type of personality would it take to get the job done? What impression do you want to make?

Some common questions from Marriott,Hilton and Hyatt etc.:

   1. Name the previous hotels for whom you have worked?
   2. Tell us about your previous hotel job title, job description and your roles and responsibilities.
   3. Major challenge that you have faced during job. Were you able to handle that and what you have done to solve that?
   4. How many hours do you work in previous hotel job?
   5. Would you prefer to work alone or in team. State the reason.
   6. Tell us the time when you were not able to meet the deadline? What were the consequences?
   7. How do you plan to achieve the targets?
   8. How you would describe your personality and managerial skills?
   9. What were your hotel job expectation and how far you have achieved that.
  10. What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
  11. What is your source of motivation?
  12. What interests you about this hotel job?
  13. What relevant experience do you have?
  14. What do you know about this hotel?
  15. What can be your contribution to improve the hotel further?
  16. What other jobs are you looking for in this industry?
  17. What are your goals?
  18. What bothers you the most and upset your patience?
  19. What you do not like in hotel jobs and what you like the most?
  20. What is your greatest achievement so far?
  21. What is the best company you have worked so far?
  22. What are the qualities that one must have for managerial job?
  23. Are you able to handle stress of job during peak season?
  24. Are you familiar with hotel industry in detail. Tell me the present scenario.
  25. Are you a good team player?
  26. Are you open to work in 24 x 7 environment and willing to travel?
  27. Are you able to work under pressure?
  28. Why have you chosen hotel jobs as your career?
  29. Where do you see yourself in next five or ten years?
  30. How long would you stay with our hotel?
Anything which you want to ask from us?
Hotel Interview Tips
What to Wear for Hotel Job Interview?
Positive demeanor and uniform is part and parcel of hotel job. So in order to achieve that during hotel interview, dress up appropriately. If you are a female and wearing skirt then its length should not be higher than the knees. You can also wear other formal dresses like trousers and formal shirt. In India Saree is the most preferred choice for hotel interview. Guys should wear formal suit with neck tie. If not suit then wear black pant with formal white or blue shirt. Keep the dressing formal for any level of hotel interview like hotel manager interview, hotel sales manager interview or hotel front desk interview.
Your Attitude
Bear the positive attitude and always keep little smile on your face as these are the predominant features to get hotel job. Also do not be rigid on not working on Sundays and holidays. If you are not open to this then this might cause hurdle in getting hotel job as most of the hotels are open throughout week and it is generally the weekend that is the busiest of the entire week.
What to Highlight in Hotel Interview?
Most of the hotel jobs revolve around customer care and other customer services. So you must highlight your experience in regard to this. Also during interview you can mention this under your strength? Apart from this your pleasing personality will speak for you.
Your Body Language
Never play with your hands. Keep them folded in your lap. Try to be natural. Sit straight and be attentive. Also do not move your hands much during hotel interview. Also do not play with pen or hair locks. Do not stare at employer but make regular eye contact. Slouching is not recommended during hotel interview so stand and sit properly and straight. Be On Time Hotel jobs requirea punctuality so be on time at the time of hotel job interview. It would be far better if you reach at hotel interview venue at least 30 mins early. You can utilize these 30 mins to make yourself familiar to the location.
Thank You Mr Connect for your valuable answers. Is there any possibility to provide sample resume for front office management trainee who is have three years work experience?
Once again thank you for your detailed info.
By Rooms on 10-10-2010 05:40 last edited

For sample resumes, go, it`s one of the biggest online job seeking website  register free corporate account, anyone can do that, choose category : hospitality (or hotel,maybe) ,search resumes for free, you can view as many as you want, from Room Attendant to General Manager, no contact details (you have to pay for that), but I guest it`s OK for you, you just want to see some resume samples
By Rooms on 10-10-2010 05:59 last edited

Hotel Front Desk Job Interview Questions

Describe a time when you had to calm down an angry hotel guest? How were you able to successfully accomplish this?
(You can say that I am always ready to handle every kind of customers. I don’t overlook their negative feedback. Firstly I listen to their problems carefully and then I do everything possible to solve it. Lastly I express regret for the fault. So it is a kind of profession where everybody has to be ready for facing these types of situations. Express yourself in such a way before to your recruiters that you are very cool and calm person.)

Typing is required to create reservations. What is your typing speed?

How many languages do you speak and/or write? Describe your fluency level.

Dealing with peak volumes with guests all rushing to check-in and check-out at a certain time is a requirement of the job. Tell me about a time when you had to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment. How were you able to perform successfully in this environment?

Handling cash, maintaining a house bank and making deposits and accurate reports of receipts is part of the front desk position. How do you ensure accuracy with details when it comes to handling cash and these related tasks? Give an example.
Hotel Front Desk Job Interview Writing Test

Read the following scenario:

Mr and Mrs Smith, first-time guests to your hotel checked in today. They are a pleasant couple on their vacation and eager to see the sites and attractions. Shortly after they check in, they come to see you and inform you that they requested a room with a queen bed but got a room with two double beds instead. You look for a free room with a queen but realize that you are fully booked.

A few hours later, Mr Smith comes down to see you about their electronic key. It appears the key does not work, so you replace it for them and send them off. Unfortunately, the replacement key you made also is defective and Mr Smith is once again at the front desk. You can sense by the tone and facial expression on Mr Smith that he is disappointed with his experience. Luckily this third key is functional and he does not return to your front desk.Hoping that this will the end of their service problems you continue with your shift. Late that night, Mr Smith calls down to front desk with a complaint that the air conditioning unit has failed and his room is uncomfortably warm. He further demands to speak to your manager to lodge a formal complaint.

What is Mr Smith feeling? List as many of Mr Smith’s feelings as you can and for each explain why he is feeling that way. How would you handle this issue?
More About Hotel Front Desk Job Interview Questions

The interview questions in this post assess the essential soft skills for his particular job through its core functions. We focus on the soft skills because we have found that most candidates handle the questions designed to assess their technical proficiency very well only to stumble with the questions designed to assess their soft skills. For example, when we ask a programmer to explain what a certain set of code means or how best to handle a coding issue, most often their answer is a good one. Now when we ask the same candidate to “describe a time when you did not get along well with a co-worker and how you handled it” to assess their interpersonal skills, 9 times out of 10 they stumble. We see the same thing over and over again whether we are hiring for an accountant, teacher, and so on. Most candidates can handle questions designed to assess their technical competencies much much better than questions designed to assess their soft skills

Why does soft skills matter? Because 9 times out of 10 applicants are bypassed due to their soft skills. We hear this all the time when we debrief with the hiring manager to get their feedback on the applicant. Sometimes, the hiring managers will directly state that the applicant lacked the soft skills but more often it will be phrased as “no connection with the applicant”, or “didn’t get a good feel about the applicant” or “don’t think the applicant would fit in well” and so on.

In addition to focusing on the soft skills we have incorporated behavioral based interview questions. We focus on behavioral based interview questions because they are very prevalent in the HR industry. Behavioral questions focus on assessing past behavior by asking you to provide an example or describe a situation that has happened in the past and what you did. So because of the reasons stated and others beyond the scope of this post, you will likely be asked these questions in your next job interview.

How to Answer Hotel Guest Services And Front Desk Interview Questions

Your response really depends on exactly the type of interview question asked. While interviewing skills as a hiring manager or job applicant can be quite an in depth topic and beyond the scope of this post, we have provided a quick lesson on how you can improve your interview skills. We have chosen to briefly cover the behavioral question because this is where we see most people struggle.

To ensure that you provide good answers consistently we advise that you follow a structured approach when responding to behavioral type questions. Two effective techniques to use are “STAR” (situation, task, action, result) and “PAR” (problem, action, result). These techniques are very similar to one another, so for illustrative purposes, we will discuss the STAR method.

To use the STAR technique, simply describe each element in your interview answer. So with the star technique, begin by describing the situation. Here you want to quickly give context to the interviewer (where, when, etc). Next clearly describe your task, that is what were you tasked to do in this situation. Now it is time to describe the steps or action you took to complete your task. Lastly, describe the results that you achieved. Sounds simple right? Well it is simple, but the secret is to practice responding following this structure. By following structure, you will ensure that you provide complete answers and do not omit vital pieces of information. For more information see our articles and courses on interviewing skills.

The Questions Are In Your Resume

Remember that another good source of job interview questions is your resume. Hiring managers will ask you questions based on your resume. For some people it’s hard to recall what you did last week, let alone what you did at work a few years ago. So it pays to review your resume before you go to your job interview.
good resources (Hilton Hotels Interview Questions & Reviews): ... -Questions-E330.htm
Thank YOU very much Mr.Rooms
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