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Express Check Out

Policy Name
Express Check Out

Effective Date
01 June

Revised Date


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The purpose of this policy is to ensure that a consistent procedure for Express Check out is maintained.


It is the policy of hotel to operate the checkout in a swiftly manner; thus avoiding potential delays and unnecessary waits for the guests, and allowing the GSO to perform their operational duties with ease in the event of a heavy departure.
Basic Criteria
Express checkout is only suitable for hotel guests utilising international credit cards like American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diners and JCB.

Procedures @ Check in
  • All arriving guests holding one of the above credit cards upon checking in must have their card swiped in the “Opera” system to obtain an approval code.

  • Front Desk Staff must check if a complete guest profile already exists before offering express checkout. This is because more often than not, the hotel is required to send a copy of the invoice via fax or mail to the guests company.

  • Obtain a business card from the guest if the guest profile is incomplete

  • The Express Checkout Form must be presented for the guest to sign (Right Portion of the Registration Card) when the guest agrees to take the offer.

  • Inform the guest that we will send a copy of the bill to his/her room before 2300 hrs on the night before the departure.

  • Check with the guest if a copy of the bill is required to be faxed or sent to the company.

  • After confirming the departure time, enter the departure time accordingly in the system. Input in the remarks: POA/XO/20-22FEB

  • Enter X/O in the Checkout Alert to alert the cashier when an originally express checkout guest approaches us at the Front Desk for a physical checkout.

  • Select Source Code = EXP C/OUT. In this case, the Morning Team Leader can quickly tally the Express Checkout Form with the system. Also, the Morning Team Leader can have a quick glance at how many express check out for the day at any time.

  • Submit the Express Checkout Form (2 copies) for filing. An Express Checkout File is kept at the back office.

  • The form is filed accordingly to date 1-31 of the month.

Procedures @ the Night before Departure
  • Afternoon Team Leader to check Source Code from “Opera” for the next day express checkout guest and prepare to print the folios.

  • To advance folio the last night prior to print and deliver between 21:00 – 23:00 hrs.

  • To insert the bill in our A4 Fax envelope (ticked document) and have the Bell to send to the room.

Procedures @ the Day of Checkout
  • Morning Team Leader
    to check all the express checkout for the day against the system

  • If the guest had departed, checked out the room with the Express Checkout Form attached to the room folio (together with credit card if any).

  • Check if we are required to send a copy of the invoice via fax/mail to the guest’s company and action accordingly.

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