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Handling Long Staying Guest


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure all relevant employees are aware of their responsibilities when handling long staying guests.


It is the policy of hotel to offer a long stay ambassador to all hotel guests staying more than 14 nights.
The hotel will provide a consistently professional and warm welcome and a highly enjoyable stay for our long-staying guests.


All long stay enquiries are passed to the Business Development Team for processing.
This excludes Long Stay booking through RESERVE.

Once a booking is confirmed, the Business Development Team are responsible for forwarding a long stay letter of agreement and ensuring that a signed copy of this document is received by the hotel.
Every effort should be made at this stage to ascertain whether the guest prefers a smoking or non-smoking floor.

Long Stay bookings received through RESERVE can be qualified through passing the guest details to Business Development directly from Reservations.

Long Stay bookings received through RESERVE should sign a rate agreement upon arrival at the hotel that the rate is applicable to a minimum of 21 consecutive nights.
Should the stay be cut short, the hotel will charge back each night at the rate determined by Front Office.
It is the responsibility of the Long Stay Ambassador to have the terms of the long stay package acknowledged by the guest.

Guest who originally booked for a stay of less than 21 nights and wish to extend to a stay of more than 21 nights may do so during their stay.
Such requests can be forwarded to Business Development for a proper agreement.
The Long Stay Package will, however, only be granted from the day of extension and benefits cannot be backdated.
Exceptions to this rule will only be allowed by GM, DOR, or DOS only.

Reservations Department to ensure that the correct Long Stay code is assigned to the reservation for proper follow up.

The Assistant Manager – Front Office will appoint a member of the Front Office Team to be the “personal contact” of the long-staying guest.
This person is known internally as the Long-stay Ambassador.
The staff to be appointed will depend on the arrival times of the guest.
The long stay ambassador is a Front Desk/Regency Club - Team Leader and above positions.

Those guests without arrival times will either be the morning or afternoon Team Leader as the Ambassador.

The Assistant Manager – Front Office prepares a welcome letter on behalf of the Long stay Ambassador.

The Front Office Manager should review all Long Stay guests’ arrivals on a daily basis and assign better rooms.

Welcome amenities must be set up.
Refer to Long Staying Guest Amenities set.

The Welcome kit for the guest will be collected by the Ambassador and presented to the guest upon check-in. The welcome kit includes.

Welcome Letter (Personalized with guest name)
That’s Dongguan
Map of Dongguan
Tour Information
Magazine (RC Only)
Magazine (RC Only)
Magazine (RC Only)

Ensure extra hangers are setup in the room

The Long-stay Ambassador must meet the guest on arrival and escort him to the room.

During the welcome and rooming process the Long-stay Ambassador should:
Re-confirm with the guest his smoking/non-smoking preferences before taking him to his room.
Ascertain the purpose of visit and likelihood of repeat visits and pass this to FOM.
This applies to RESERVE reservations where purpose of visit is not known.
Point out the complimentary tea and coffee, amenities and give the usual rooming explanation.
Refer to the Welcome letter/card.
Obtain any newspaper preferences and any other likes/dislikes and allergies.
Offer to have any large luggage items stored and explained additional coat hangers, ironing boards, cots, adapters set etc.
Confirm room make-up time /turndown preferences.
Special billing request
Inform the guest that special room service orders can be made upon request and that the menu includes items from our restaurants plus the addition of full menus from Café and etc.

Internal Administration after check in

  • Ambassador to update Long stay checklist and file in allocated file.

  • Inform and feedback to related departments of guest requests and preference, including Housekeeping and Room Service.

  • Update Guest profile comments with above information of guest preferences.

  • Leave a TRACE every four days for COURTESY CALL to guest.

  • Leave a trace, for billing settlement every 14days, if required. To call guest in the room and inform him that we will be sending an interim statement for his settlement. Leave the interim statement together with a cover page in the room if guest is not available.

  • Leave a trace the day before check-out to remind you of the following
    • Offer guest to review account
    • Confirm check-out time
    • Confirm transportation.
    • Offer wake call
    • Luggage collection
    • Room Service breakfast if check-out before 06:30 hrs. (Regency Club guests only)

  • Update Checkout alert to “Call AM and Ambassador”

During the guest’s stay

Courtesy call every 4 days

Update Courtesy call log after every calls

The Long Stay Ambassador (if they did not meet upon arrival) should ring the guest within 24 hours of arrival and suggest a brief meeting (over coffee or a drink) with the guest to cover:
Any areas that the hotel could address in order to ensure the guest is more comfortable. E.g. adapters, coat hangers etc.
Any particular needs of the guest whilst in Dongguan e.g. sporting, sightseeing, health, education or communication related.
The Long-stay Ambassador should use local knowledge to assist the guest or offer to undertake relevant research.
Hotel tour
Payment on fortnightly basis

If the guest is not in the room a voice mail message should be left.
If no reply, follow up within 72 hours.
If no reply again, do a second and final follow up voice mail message.

Copies of the hotel bill are forwarded to the guest room every 14 days or as stipulated in contract and on the day prior to departure.
These are accompanied by a letter prepared by the Long Stay Ambassador.

On Departure
Front Office should discuss or distribute a list of the next day’s departing long-stay guests at each morning briefing, together with their planned departure times.
A farewell team should then be decided upon, ensuring that the guest received suitable recognition for his support.

After the guest has departed – (minimum 21-night stays)

The Sales Department is required to identify these guests as major advocates of the hotel.
They should be added to the ‘advocates’ mailing list and be forwarded a greeting card on an annual basis.

Repeat long stay guests will not receive a welcome kit unless being requested.
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