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Housekeeping Department Rules and Regulations

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Welcome to XXX

You have been selected to work for xxx in the Housekeeping Department. We`re very pleased to have you join our team

Piror to working in your assigned area, you will go through a ten-day Orientation Program.

During this time you will be placed in the care of our Training Specialist / Supervisor and receive instructions on what we expect.

You will be taken on a tour of the hotel and will be shown the Front Desk, Casino areas, Shopping Mall,the Employee Cafeteria,and ect. you will be advised of hotel policies and procedures, days off,break periods,and lunch schedules.

I have an open-door policy and am here to help you in any way possible,we want you to feel comfortable working with us, our guests should see in you a friendly,competent,caring employee.Good work and a positive attitude will please them and that`s our goal.




Director of Housekeeping Services
Extension xxxx
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I. INTRODUCTION : You will have a short meeting with the Director of
Housekeeping Services or one of the Assistants.
Day Shift—8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.—Monday through Saturday.
Sunday and some holidays—8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
2. As you enter and leave the building, you must stop at the Time Office. You will
be clocked in and out for the hours you have worked that day.
3. After changing into your uniform, you must sign the Department Payroll sheets
in the Housekeeping Office before going to your assigned floor.
4. EACH MORNING—All employees must check the bulletin board outside the Scheduling Office for their
assigned floors and any notations by their names. (This is for messages or special instructions.)
5. You must be on your assigned floor no later than 8:00 a.m. The Red Line is drawn at 8:00 a.m., and
anyone signing in under the red line is considered late. (Guestroom Attendants may go on the floors
to fold linen no earlier than 7:30 a.m. Please inform the Status Department what floor you will be on.
You should not leave the floor until five (5) minutes before the end of your assigned work shift.
You will be advised as to who the Supervisors are and what their duties and functions
are: Inspectors, House Persons, Status Clerks, Payroll, Scheduling, etc.
1. It is extremely important to make sure the Guest is comfortable and
that the room is kept in a ‘‘0 Defect’’ condition.
2. RESPECT—Workers must show respect for everyone they work for and can expect to have
the same in return. Treat others as you would wish to be treated.
3. DUTIES—All new Employees must read the Safety Booklet and practice all Safety Rules.
4. PERSONAL APPEARANCE—Being neat and clean is very important. You must take personal
pride in your appearance. No socks, hats, headbands, or scarves, no tennis shoes or footies.
Deodorant is a must. Fingernails should be no longer than 1
4 . No bright colors. Shoes should
be black, white, or grey. If a sweater is needed, you may wear one. The color should be black,
white, or grey. No personal clothing should be worn under the uniform.
5. ABSENTEEISM—Calling in sick, tardiness, and going home early without permission are
considered ‘‘absenteeism.’’ This can lead to warnings and termination. Be sure when you
are unable to come to work that you call in at least four (4) hours prior to your scheduled
shift. When you have made an appointment on a scheduled workday and need to be off,
come in late, or leave early (you must sign an early out form), please be sure to make these
arrangements with the Scheduling Office at least 48 hours in advance.
6. LOCKERS—You will be given your own locker and key. Lockers are not to be
shared with anyone. If you lose your key, report the loss immediately.
1. SAFETY—Safety precautions must be taken at all times in order to avoid injury and loss of work.
A. If SMOKE or FIRE is detected, call 4911!
B. It will be explained what to do and how to evacuate the Hotel in
case of fire. . .REPORT TO THE LOCKER ROOM.
C. You will be shown how to bend in order to make beds.
D. You will be shown how to get down and back up off the floor, without hurting your back.
E. You will be shown how to change towels and clean tubs without reaching beyond normal extension.
F. BLOODBORNE PATHOGEN—If you enter a Guest Room that has blood or body liquids
on the bed or in other areas, do not clean it. Please call your Inspector, who will then call
the proper persons to handle this situation. Be very careful not to use your hands to remove
trash. Always take the whole plastic sack and empty it. Watch out for syringe needles and other
sharp objects. Each cart should have a ‘‘RED BAG’’; these are to put any items in that may
have body liquids, blood, or feces on them. Always wear gloves for protection.
G. THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT—Some of our Guests may be physically impaired
and may need certain machines to help them while they stay here. At check out time, please inform
the Inspectress of these items. Your Inspectress will then advise the Housekeeping Department.
H. Please report all maintenance problems to your Inspector, such as lights out, shower head broken,
toilet runs, any broken furniture, any burn spots or tears. This is to be done on a daily
basis. All lights should be burning at all times; in the hallway and in guestrooms.
I. Do not move heavy furniture. Ask the House Persons to help you. You may move chairs and
small items. Use the wand on your vacuum to get behind heavy furniture.
J. You will be shown how to unplug the vacuum cord. It must not be pulled or
yanked out of the wall socket. The cord must always be untwisted.
K. Check bathroom floor for water before entering the bathroom.
L. Rubber gloves are to be used at all times for your protection. Sizes are S, M, and L.
M. Rubber mats are to be used in the tub to clean shower walls. No leaning
from outside the tub to clean shower walls.
N. No smoking in the hallways, guestrooms, or linen lockers. You may smoke in the service elevator
corridors or in Shop Talk. You may not smoke anywhere on nonsmoking floors.
A. Do not give your key card to anyone!
B. Do not open a guestroom door for anyone, whether it is a guest or an employee. Advise
a guest to go to the front desk for assistance to get another key.
C. If a guest wishes to enter his or her room while it is being cleaned, he or she must insert his or
her key card in the door before entering. If the door lock shows green, the guest may enter.
D. If a key card is lost, a warning or termination will be issued.
Lost keys must be reported immediately.
E. Each Inspectress, Guestroom Attendant, and House Person has his or her
own key and/or key card for which that person is responsible.
F. Return all Guestroom keys from checkout rooms to the Inspector as
soon as possible. Keep them safe while they are with you.
3. MAID CART—Each item on the Maid Cart will be identified, and an explanation will be given
as to where it goes in the Guestroom. Each cart should have a RED BAG for hazardous waste.
All carts must be clean, safe, and serviceable. Do not overload your cart.
4. SHEETS/LINEN—We have king sheets only for king and queen beds. You must change sheets
and pillowcases daily. Blankets and bed pads must be changed if they have spots and are
dirty. Do not burn strings off bundles. This practice can result in termination. Feather pillows
are to be used in all suites. Qualifil pillows are used in all regular rooms. Guests may
request different pillows. Remember to change them out at checkout.
5. ROOM REQUIREMENTS—The daily work requirement is at least 15 rooms for an 8-hour
shift; approximately 25 minutes per occupied room and 25 to 32 minutes for checkouts.
Suites will receive added time. The timer in the bathroom is used to help pace work. You
may be asked to work overtime. Your cooperation is appreciated.
6. TELEPHONES IN GUESTROOMS—Upon entering a guestroom, the first
thing that must be done is to dial the room status.
a.m. or p.m. Room Check:
VACANT CLEAN 811 plus your code
VACANT DIRTY 812 plus your code
When you ENTER A ROOM to clean:
ENTER 814 plus your code
When you have completed a room, UPDATE THE ROOM STATUS:
C/O CLEAN (VACANT) 811 plus your code
M/UP CLEAN (OCCUPIED) 815 plus your code
If a guest is using the telephone when you finish, go to the Linen Locker, call Housekeeping
extension-4766, and tell the number of the room you cleaned. A personal identification
number will be assigned to you in the Housekeeping Office. You will use this code at
all times no matter what floor you are working on. Everyone must have a telephone code.
If you do not have one, go to Housekeeping and ask for your code.
7. TIPS—Money left in checkouts is to be considered a tip (and only reasonable amounts.) In a
makeup, if a dollar is left on the pillow, this may be considered a tip. All other monies must be
turned into Lost and Found at checkout. Never take money in plastic containers. Turn it in.
8. ROOM CHECK—You must take room check each morning at 8:00 a.m. and each afternoon at 3:00
p.m. to see if the guestrooms are occupied or vacant. This gives the Front Desk an accurate count of
the rooms that are occupied and lets your Inspectors know how many rooms are occupied on the
floor, and helps guestroom attendants determine which rooms are available to be cleaned. Clean
reoccupied rooms with ‘‘Red Priority’’ cards on the door, then C/Os and makeups. If a guest has
requested the room to be cleaned at a certain time, please make note of the time on your report. If
you cannot get into a room at least once during the day, call the guest on the phone. If no answer,
inform your Inspector. We must be sure the guest is safe and that the room is not damaged.
9. TV’S AND TELEPHONES—TVs are not to be on while you are working. Telephones may not be used
in the rooms, except to code in and out. Telephones for employees’ use are located in the cafeteria.
Radios are permitted to be played quietly. Never answer the telephone in the guestroom.
10. BREAKING GUEST ITEMS—If you break a guest item, immediately notify your Inspector, giving him
or her a description, such as perfume name, brand, and size (ounces) so the item may be replaced.
11. AIR FRESHENERS—Always use air fresheners before leaving the room.
12. CHANGE BEDSPREADS—Change spreads, pads, and blankets as needed. Check pillows to
make sure they are clean. Tell the Inspector if carpets or drapes need attention.
13. INSPECTORS PER FLOOR—there is one inspector assigned to two floors in the North
Tower. In the South Tower there is one Inspector per five floors.
14. REFRIGERATOR CLEANING—’’A’’ ROOMS: Defrost and clean the refrigerators.
Clean bar sink. After cleaning, turn refrigerator back on.
15. Checkouts and makeups are to be cleaned the same way.
16. Only the guestroom attendant who is assigned to clean the guestroom should be
in that particular guestroom. Special permission may be given by your Inspector
for more than one guestroom attendant to be in the room.
17. Makeups—In the shower, take shampoo and soap out of a tub to clean properly.
Change sheets every day and leave used soaps only in the makeup
rooms. Replace all amenities daily and vacuum all rooms daily.
18. NO FOOD OR DRINK—No food or drink is to be taken out of the
cafeteria, or to the floors without permission.
19. There are various lunch periods, depending on your assigned floor each day. You must go to lunch
when assigned unless you receive permission for another time from your Supervisor.
20. ROOM SERVICE—Water on trays and tables must be emptied, and all trays and tables
must be removed and placed in the hallway at the time of checkout.
21. LOST AND FOUND—Articles found in C/O rooms must be turned in to your Inspector
immediately, and proper paperwork must be filled out. Airline tickets must be turned
in at once. Liquor must not be placed outside in the hallway. Room Service must be
called to remove bars. Other liquor is turned in to Lost and Found.
22. REMEMBER—Do not throw anything away, papers, tickets, etc., from a makeup or a checkout room.
23. Do not leave notes for the guests. Do not ask for tips.
24. Do not flush soap down the toilet.
25. Give your Inspector the room numbers of rooms with bed boards.
26. Nonsmoking floors are 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 (20 and 21 only on the East Wing) in the North Tower.
In the South Tower they are 6 through 10 (56–60) and 17 through 20 (67–70.)
27. Do not throw cigarette butts in the trash can. Dispose of them by flushing them down the
toilet. If a toilet is not available, use water to make sure a cigarette is out.
28. You have one 10-minute break before lunch and one 10-minute break after lunch.
You have a 40-minute lunch break, giving you a total of 1 hour.
29. If a guest should act strange or make you feel uncomfortable, make an excuse and
contact your Inspector. He or she will help you, or will call Security.
30. RUSH ROOMS, VIP ROOMS PRIORITY CARD (RED) ROOMS—All rooms must be done as soon as
possible. The Red Cards should be returned to the Inspectress after you clean the room.
31. Be friendly and polite to the guests.
32. At the end of the day, after 3:45 p.m. return your cart to the Locker Room. Be
sure all Lost and Found items have been turned into the Inspector with the proper
paperwork completed. Clean your cart of dirty glasses, trash, food, etc.
33. Go to your assigned floor to return your key to the Inspector and
sign out. Do not come down until 3:55 p.m.
34. Sign out in the Housekeeping Office and go to the Locker Room to change your clothes.
35. You may not EXIT with any item from the guestrooms or other areas unless you have a note
signed by the guest and a pass from the Housekeeping Office signed by the Supervisor.
36. LANGUAGE—It is important to be able to speak English with Guests and fellow employees. En-glish
should be spoken during working hours. However, if you have difficulty with English, there are
other employees or supervisors who can help you understand. Please ask for help. We also have
classes for English as a second language, that you can attend at no cost to you.
37. Payday is every other Friday. Pick up your paycheck at the Time Office. You
may pick up your check beginning at 12:00 midnight on Thursday. You may
also want to inquire about Direct Deposit of your paycheck.
38. We hope this has been a productive learning experience. If there are any questions, please ask us. An
informed employee, one who can answer the questions that guests will ask, is a great asset to us.
Thank you, and I hope you enjoy your work with us.
Housekeepers has to
make the beds
change the sheets
dust furniture
vacuum floors
clean the bathroom
restock items in the rooms

Many many thanks to sharing yours housekeeping department rules and regulations information, I am highly appreciated!!

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