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Incident Report – Insurer Perspective

Policy Name
Incident Report – Insurer Perspective
Effective Date
01 June 2006

Revised Date
Assistant Managers &Above

Forms to use
Assistant Manager Log

Refer to

It is the policy ofthe hotel to ensure Incident / Accident Report is handled and writtenprofessionally and timely.
While it isimpossible to list all the potential situations, the following procedures serveas a general rule of thumb when such incidents arise.

  • All incidents     that potentially involved compensation or damages to the hotel property     must be treated with extreme care and tactfulness.
    Failure or delayed in doing so will     result in refusal by our Insurer to compensate the hotel

  • The hotel     has paid large insurance premiums to cover unexpected incidences like     water damage due to a burst of a water pipe, guest injuries within the     hotel etc, and while our first priority is to take care of the guests and     to resume the normal operation of the hotel equipment, the incident report     should also be followed immediately, within 12 hours.

  • In an event     that potentially involved compensation from the hotel, the Front Office Manager,     Director of Rooms and the Director of Finance must be informed right     away.
    Finance will inform the     Insurance Company immediately and let them examine the situation, usually     accompanied with on-site inspection and photo taking if the damages are     significant.

  • No damaged     properties are to be repaired to the original state before informing the     Insurer.
    The Insurer has every     right to deny compensation even if the incident falls under the insurance     coverage.
    For example, during a     minor car accident with damages sustained, report to the agent before     going to the mechanics to have the car repaired.

  • The Assistant Manager log is documents belonging to the hotel     and as such is not to be signed or given to the guests.

  • Do not admit     liability. Use words such as “alleged”.
    Preface guests’ statements with “guest     says”, “witness claims”.

  • Do not offer     any opinions in the report writing

  • Report the     facts, not ‘create’ the facts.
    For     instance :
Ms X fell from the stairs.
The report should state “Ms X said she felldown from the stairs.”
Mr Y says his watch worth RMB20,000 was stolen from his room but you did not see it.
The report should say “Mr Y said his watchwhich worth RMB 20,000 was missing from the room.”

  • The hotel in     general does not pay for the losses. The Insurance Company does. This is     provided that we adhered to the rules above.

  • It is the     responsibility of the adjuster or the underwriter to determine if any     compensation is to be given to the guest and the Hotel should never     promise any compensation.
    However,     the hotel may occasionally do so for the sake of goodwill especially if     the loss amount is trivial.
    The     hotel cannot expect the insurance to pay for something that is already     committed by us prior to their investigation.

  • In China,     only a case that is proven (i.e. judged) in the court of law to be the     fault of the hotel will the hotel be held liable to compensate.

  • Since it is     the Insurance Company’s responsibility to investigate the theft case,     should the guest dispute about the result of the investigations conducted     by the local PSB, the chances for the guest to sue us and the insurance     company for mishandling the case is slim.

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