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Types of Reservation

Guaranteed Reservations

It assures the guest that the hotel will hold rooms until a specific time of the day this time may be check out time, the start of the hotel day the guest in turn guarantees to pay for the room even if it is not used, unless the reservation is canceled according to the hotel's cancellation procedures

Guaranteed reservations protect the hotel revenue even in the case of no show, the situation in which the guest makes a reservation but does nor register or cancel the reservation, variation includes

a- Prepaid reservations
Requires that a payment in full be received prior to the guest's day of arrival. From the FO point of view this is the most desirable form of guaranteed reservation.

b- Credit card
unless a credit card guarantee reservation is canceled before a start cancellation hour, the property will charge the guest with the amount of the room rate

c- Advance deposit
Requires that the guest pay the hotel a specified amount of money before arrival. The amount of an advance deposit is large enough to cover one night's room rate and tax

d- Travel agency reservation
represented in the travel agency voucher, the agency forwards a voucher to the hotel as a proof for payment and a guarantee that the prepaid amount will be sent to the hotel when the voucher is returned to the T/A for payment

Non-guaranteed Reservations
The hotel agrees to hold the room for the guest until a stated reservation cancellation hour usually 6 pm on the day of arrival.

This type of reservation does not guarantee that the property will receive payment for the no-shows. If the guest does not arrive by the cancellation hour, the hotel is free to release the room, meaning that it can add the room to the list of other rooms available for sale. If the guest arrives after the cancellation hour, the hotel will accommodate the guest if a room is available.

It is common for hotels nearly full occupancy to accept only guaranteed reservations once a specific number of expected arrivals is achieved.
Confirming a guaranteed reservation is considered a contract. If the hotel then fails to provide the room for a guaranteed reservation, legal penalties can be applied if the guest files a complaint.
Nature  of Reservation

In order to establish effective procedures, it is necessary for a hotel to gather information about reservation practices. The methods by which we can receive a reservation are:

        Direct telephone, the hotel receives reservation requests by phone. Direct lines are frequently used for business generated locally. Sometimes customers or travel agents will call the hotel directly when they have been advised that the property is fully booked
        Head office, chains encourage traveling companies to reserve ahead most often by phone, but also possibly through the head office
        E-mail or fax, both is used most often for overseas transmittals. Other methods of requesting reservations generally account for only a very minor proportion of the total occupied rooms

when a reservation agent receives a request from a potential guest who is coming to the hotel, the clerk should get certain information from the guest and write it on a reservation form including:
        Guest name
        Guest home address
        Guest telephone number including the area code
        Name, number and address of the guest's company
        Number of guests and ages of children
        Arrival date and time
        Number of nights required or expected departure date
        Reservation type
        Special requirements like infants, disabled guest or non smoking accommodation
        Additional information as needed like method of transportation, late arrival, flight details, room preference..etc

If the reservation is not being guaranteed, the clerk should be certain to explain the hotel policy regarding the cutoff line.
After the information has been gathered, the clerk should repeat the items back to the guests as part of the confirmation. This is done through the phone.

Allotment Reservation

Allotment is an agreement between the hotel and the T/A to block a certain number of rooms on a daily basis with a special agreement and a special rate. This kind of agreement is done twice a year for the summer and the winter seasons

Handling allotment reservation fro individual and group is exactly the same procedures as the normal reservation for individual and group. The only difference is that the rooms are blocked from the T/a allotment in order to maintain a correct materialization.
Handling waiting listsThe waiting list system is adopted for use when potential guests telephone for a reservation after the house is full, under this system, the hotel:         Advises the caller that no rooms are currently available for the requested dates         Offers to take the callers name and telephone number         Accommodates the guest immediately when a room opens up         If nothing becomes available, assists the guest in finding alternative dates or accommodationsPreventing common reservation problemsSeveral steps during the reservation can cause errors. If employees are aware of the common trouble spots and how to avoid them, mistakes will be les likely to occur.Some of the errors are:         Mechanical errors are made when completing the reservation form.        Recording the wrong arrival and departure date, misspelling the guests name,                                or gives a family name for a first name.         Caller making a reservation for a friend, relative or business and gives his own name.         The reservation is filed under the wrong date or name.         Misunderstandings occur due to terms used to describe various types of accommodations or services. So the reservation should make effort to understand what the customer wants.         Poor communication with HO when the reservation forgets to notify of a near capacity situation or fails to update the system regarding room availability and rate changes. Canceling reservationsA prospective guest who takes the time to cancel a reservation is doing the hotel a service, for the cancellation lets the hotel know that a room is available for walk ins or those who reserve late.Being places on hold or transferred to several staff members is annoying as well as expensive for the long distance caller. Callers who receive such treatment may resolve never to book a room at the hotel again.There are two basic steps to cancel a reservation:1)         Obtain the name under which the reservation was made as well as the guest         address and arrival and departure date.2)         Ask the caller if he would like to make an alternative reservation, if not         express regret that the caller will not be able to stay at the hotel at this time         and express the hope that the hotel can be of service during a future trip.

End of dayprocessing

FIRST,reservation office must be sure to file all reservation that have been acceptedor amended if they were not filed during the day.

SECOND,pulling all of the reservations for tomorrow's arrival.

Service, Facilities and Product


Reception / Cashier
FO 1                Staff will not tell customers to contact other
Departments but will make these contacts on
Client behalf.
FO 2                There will be sufficient staff to cover 24 hour
Daily shifts.
FO 4                Registration cards will be prepared in advance
for all arriving guests and contain all information
available from reservation .
FO 5                Guest history records for all individual guests
                will be checked  for personal  preferences
FO 7                Rooms for guests with special requests will be
Allocated whether guaranteed or not.
FO8                All VIP rooms will be allocated on a priority
Basis regardless of rate.
Guest Arrival

FO 9                  Staff will establish and maintain eye contact,
Smile, and greet guest using guest’s name.
FO 10                 and
explained to some special individual guests.
FO 14                Next destination  booking will be offered to
guests  only to other Sister Hotels .
FO 15                Staff to mention that the Hotel facilities are
listed in the checking in booklet and  explained
to guest .
FO 16                No guest will wait more than 8 minutes to
complete check-in .
FO 17                Any guest waiting for rooms will be advised as to
the  length  of  wait . They will be shown to a
comfortable place and offered refreshments .
Luggage and personal belonging will be stored by
bell staff . When the room is ready, the guest
                will be advised immediately and escorted to room .
FO18                VIPs and Inn  Hotels & Resorts  Club guests will be
escorted to heir  room , unless they specifically decline ,
by GRO or Management.
FO 19                Top VIP s (minimum V3&V4) will be registered in
Their room or suite.
FO 20                If guest with guaranteed reservation or those with
confirmed reservation (arriving before 1800 hr. )
are turned off , they will receive complimentary rooms
in a comparable Hotel , with transport to other Hotel
and a long distance call to home and offer arranged,
at no cost to patron .
FO 21                Reception  staff  or  Assistant  Manager  will  assist
guest  with confirmed, but not  guaranteed  reservations
arriving after deadline , but ensuring that an . Alternate  accommodation will be at client's expense
FO 22                All turned - away guests with reservation will
                        receive  Pick-up arrangements , the following ,
day  VIP treatment, a note or a call from
the Management and room upgrade .
Group Arrival

FO 23                Pre-registration should be arranged prior to
arrival         .
FO 24                Group and crews will register in different check
in area, located away from main reception if space
available .
FO 25                Final rooming list will be given to  porters
within  10 mints of arrival and luggage  
delivered to rooms 20 mints of group arrival .
FO 26                Tour or group leader will be welcomed by
Asst. FOM or Group Coordinator/Guest Relation .
During Guest Stay
FO 27                Reception will handle or forward all guests
        request , No guest is ever told to call elsewhere .
FO 28                Foreign Currency exchange will be available 24
          hours Daily , with exchange rates clearly visible and
up date daily by the bank in the Hotel .
FO 29                All phone calls will be answered before 4 Th.  
                ring ,         using standard script and guest mane .
FO 30         Message service will be offered when
communication or guest cannot be connected
(voice mail or hard copy )
FO 31                Reception will positively verify guest name and
                room number before issuing duplicate key .
FO 32                Reception will always reconfirm rate to guest if
                guest requests room change .               
FO 33                Disabled Guest will be noted on all in house
guest lists, and switchboard and security will be       
advised in case of emergency .
FO 34                Front Office Management will contact 5 non -
VIP guests daily to check if Inn Hotels & Resorts
Services meet their requirements.
Safe Deposit Box

FO 35         Safe deposit box facilities will be advertised in every room.

Emergency Procedure
FO 43        Call Directly the Duty Manager.

Guest Departure

FO 44        Coffee and tea will be available from 0500 till coffee
lounge or restaurant is operating at the  said  timing       
( There will be 24 hours service lobby lounge operating)
FO 45                Staff will smile and establish eye contact , greet
and ask for guest name rather than room number.  Name
should be used during check out process. Guest will
be asked if he / she enjoyed the stay , and comments will
be passed on to the appropriate departments .
FO 46                All documents relevant to guests account details
will be stored in a location that is readily available
for guest verification at check out .
FO 47                After verification of folio entries , if requested ,
paid folios will be presented to guest in a folder
as per Hotel standards .
FO 48                Guest will be reminded of airport  departure        
procedure  and taxes if any , and offered an appropriate
farewell comment on leaving cashier .
FO 49                All customers disputed charges will be handled
immediately so guest satisfaction can be assured .
FO 50                Outstanding  messages and mail will be checked
for guests .
FO 51                Luggage assistance will be offered .
FO 52         Guest will be thanked for choosing Inn Hotels & Resorts         
                Hotel and invited to return  .
FO 53                No guest will wait more than 8 minutes to
complete  check out .
FO 54        Quick check out guest, folios will be mailed with in
Two  working days after guest departure  
FO 55                Fax support will be provided when Business
Centre is closed .

FO 56                The Front Office will contain the following :
•        At least 4 incoming  telephone lines and 4
                    house telephone lines ,with call hold tansrfer
                      capability and one fax capability
•        Guest name display part of computer system
•        Front desk will have a well designed rack for the display
    of the Hotel  and the company and promotional brochures
•        Voice mail service for guest .
•        Computer Screens and printers  .
•        Luxury writing pad and quality pens .
•        Credit card imprinted or credit authorization                  
  terminal .
•        Office amenities (staplers, ect . )
•        Log books
•        Checks payable and paid notice stamp .
•        Inn Hotels & Resorts detailed file .
•        Registration  cards arrival box .
•        Registration  cards rack holder by room / floor .
•        Cashier drawers with touch code access or if not possible ,
   regular key .

FO 57        All product to follow Inn Hotels & Resorts  standards .
FO 58                Welcome Pack  :
•        Welcome folder (including information on out
     lets and facilities )
•        Verification of name , room number ,
   rate and departure date .
•        Welcome drink or meal voucher (if applicable)
•        Inn Hotels & Resorts s information .

Internal forms
FO 59                 
•        Cash receipt
•        Paid out
•        Rebates
•        Miscellaneous credit / debt
•        Room and rate change  .
•        Safe deposit box record .
FO 60                Per- printed pad for hand written message
FO 61                Pre printed fax forms for guest use .
FO 62                Group check-in envelopes .
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