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Credit Card Verification and Floor Limits

Policy Name : Credit Card Verification and Floor Limits
Effective Date : 01 June 2006

Revised Date : Nil

Applicable : All Staff

Forms to use : Credit Over List, Registration form

Refers to :Nil

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all Guests’ credit cards taken by hotel staffs for eventual settlement of bills are valid and within the hotel’s allowed floor limits.


It is the policy of hotel to ensure that all credit cards must be verified at point of receipt to ensure that the cards are valid and good for payment.

1.Upon presentation of credit card at check-in, Guest Services Officer must make a quick calculation on the approximate cost of the guest’s stay.

2.After which,swipe the card across the credit card verifier and enter the calculated a mount for approval.

3.If the amount is approved, the approval verification slip will be printed out and Attached to the registration card.

4. In the event that the amount is not approved, read the instructions stated on the machine, for example, call card center etc.
In rare occasions, the card center will need the hotel staff to detain the card or in severe cases, cut the card into halves.

5.Should such instructions come from the credit card center, staff must ensure that the guest is not embarrassed in front of others. Staff must direct the guest to a quiet corner and asked if he has another card and explain why the current card has to be destroyed.Staff must not be intimidated by guest to return the card. Retaining or destroying a bad card on the Card Center’s instruction is a responsibility of the establishment.

6.Every evening, the Team Leader will check the credit over list to ensure that outstanding amount is within the credit card’s floor limit. Should the guest come close to using up all the approved funds, the Team Leader has to call the card center to ask for anew approval code to cover over and above the guest’s approximate charges.

7.All new approval codes must be entered into the guest folio immediately.

8.There will be occasions whereby the Assistant Manager – Front Office will need to call the guest to ask for another credit card or do an interim settlement if the amount is over the hotel’s set limit. This is especially the case for long stay guests. Due to the sensitivity of this request, it must be written down in the log for everyone’s awareness.

9.These are the floor limits of the various credit card used in the hotel:


AX - American Express

VC - Visa

DC - Diners Card

MC - Master Card

JC - Japan Credit Bureau

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Very nice stuff .Thank you Mr.Frank.

How u can find invalid card by credit card No ?
By Owen on 4-22-2011 02:36 last edited

Search in google "identify valid credit card"
Thank you man !!! Let me check in the google ,
Is there any formula or step where we can validate the card ?
I check it this thing in the google, so interesting
Thank you Frank
I don't believe   working!!
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