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Group Handling

Policy Name
Group Handling
Effective Date
01 August 2006

Revised Date
All Staff

Forms to use

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It is the policy ofthe hotel to ensure that all groups are administered and handled proficiently duringthe duration of the entire stays.

The group resume willbe printed by the FOM/AFOM/AM and assigned to Team Leaders and above to includethe FOM to pre-check the group requirements after the Pre-con meeting.

Procedures – Pre Arrivals
  • To study the group resume in order to understand the group:
VIPs / Special arrangements
Billing instructions in Operaremarks line/Check-out alert P/F or P/B
Group movement
Pre-con Meeting
Create Manilafile
Transportation requirements

  • DOR / FOM /AM to attend pre convention meeting

  • Assign rooms according to resume requirements at least one day     prior to group arrival.

Procedures –Arrival On Day

Double check room blockingsand/or any changes with the room assignments and inform HSKP and Room Serviceaccordingly.

Sent rooming list to the TeamLeader - Bell, RoomService and Housekeeping once the room numbers are confirmed.
Follow-up/double-check special requests / arrangementsaccording to the resume (rooming list, fax machines, welcome package, newspapersetc)

Confirm group check-inprocedure (Hotel venue / Bus Check- in / Send keys to Airport, etc)

If applicable, inform guests ofin-house meeting / dinner venue upon check-in verbally or by handing outwelcome letters.

Uponthe group check-in, the Front Desk Agent performing the check in must note downany meal requirements (if not known already), wake up call details, baggagedown details and any other information on the Group Folder.

Anycomplimentary room number, tour leader room no., PM no. must be noted on theGroup Folder, and the signature of the Tour Escort/ Tour Leader obtained on theFolder. The Front Desk agent must sign on the same as well to serve as areference in case of any query.

Procedures – In House
  • There will be three files placed at the     Front Desk – Expected Groups, In house Groups, Check Out Groups.

  • The Front Desk will action on the wake     up call/ baggage down details and pass them onto the relevant areas.
    A copy of the Group List (Group In house)     must then be attached to the Group Folder, which must be placed in the In     house Groups file.

  • Check room     rates on a daily basis by printing in-house group report (XXXX) and filing     it in Manila file.

  • Review all     guest folios on a daily basis and check that charges on folio are according     to the billing instructions in the resume.

  • Review     Paymaster on a daily basis and check that charges on folio are according     to the billing instructions in the resume.

  • Check for No     Shows / late cancellations on a daily basis and charge according to the     instructions in the resume.

  • Make sure     all supporting chits are in the Manila     file.

  • One night     before the group check out, confirm with the Organizer the departure time     / luggage pull / morning call (if necessary ask guest to settle bill one     night before check-out).

  • Check Group     VIP turndown list.

  • Check daily     Group movement/Meetings.

Procedures - Departure
  • After the group checks out, the Group     Folder must be placed in the Check Out Groups file.
  • Make sure     all group members have settled their folios prior to hotel departure and     the paymaster is settled or confirmed by the Organizer.
  • Check out     the group master or move the master from PM to PF immediately after the group     has checked out. (submit all supporting chits together with resume to     Finance).

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