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Food And Beverage Function Planning

* The main types of food and beverage functions and services held during
meetings and conventions
* How to effectively create these functions and work with the facility in planning
* Beverage cost control and potential liquor liability issues
* The most common menu pricing methods used for groups

In this article we will discuss the important role food and beverage functions
play in the overall success of the meeting or convention. Think of the
meetings you’ve attended in the past. Food and beverage functions provide the
perfect relaxed environment to interact with other attendees. All meetings or
functions have some type of food and or beverage service. Since the 1990s,
many prominent trade organizations have donated leftover (edible) food to the
local food bank or homeless shelter. Therefore, all aspects of the planning
process require close communications between the catering, convention services,
and culinary staff, with a group planner to ensure each function is a

Rely on the hotel group servicing department for planning of the menu and
room setup. Some hotels are large enough to warrant a separate catering and
convention services department. Other hotels may call this the event planning
department. Regardless of the job title and organizational structure, for many
years planners have voiced frustration over having two hotel contacts for menu
and function planning. Consequently, hotel corporations periodically have
developed systems that are designed to streamline the process and reduce
One such system, uniserve, was created by Sheraton Hotels, and first
gained recognition in the 1980s. Their definition is “a meeting system service
where the CSM (convention services manager) or event manager handles
all aspects of planning the event, including the catering, food, and beverage
While naming this system, a term also was created to describe the previous
method that many hotels and group facilities still continue to use: duoserve.
This is defined as a meeting system service where the planning procedures are
for the catering department to coordinate primarily the food and beverage
events and menus. Other responsibilities, including meeting and convention
serving, are planned by the convention services manager. This system often is
viewed as requiring more work and repetitive time for the group planner, since
multiple hotel contacts are required.
For planners, the main benefits of uniserve are the following:
* Work with one hotel contact for all arrangements, not two
* Decision-making authority to plan all events
According to the majority of the Sheraton convention services managers
(CSMs) I spoke to, this system is still used at some Sheraton hotels and resorts;
however, it is not standardized throughout Sheratons. In developing the APEX
Glossary of Terms, the CLC decided to include the following terms as they are
recognized. Note that they refer to hotel locations (properties) that have this
system. It is generic and not credited to a particular hotel company for having
creating the system.

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