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Catering Operations

What You Will Learn in This article
Catering operations can be found in a wide range of facilities and business
formats. This article reviews small independent catering companies handling
small numbers of guests to large catering services set up as corporate busi-
nesses. This article summarizes the ways that catering services are incorpo-
rated into foodservice operational styles for full-service restaurants to country
clubs and high-end gourmet food stores and delicatessens. The services offered
by catering operations are also reviewed. Each operational catering style is
discussed relative to location* customer profile* style or concept* staffing* physi-
cal layout* cuisine* and menu. The article also presents an off-premise cater-
ing organizational guideline that lists the many requirements* questions* and
details necessary for successful off-premise events.
Catering operations* both stand-alone facilities and those that are part of a
larger hospitality business* exist in a wide variety of formats or styles. Most
common are those that are readily identifiable: private rooms in restaurant
operations* hotel facilities* and independent catering facilities. The increased
demand by the international public for private function space outside of homes
and businesses has allowed the catering segment of the foodservice sector of
the hospitality industry to be a leader in the growth of both facilities and revenue.
Forward-thinking foodservice businesses* from fine dining restaurants to
delicatessens* incorporate catering services into their operations in recognition
of the expanding market for prepared foods. Off-premise catering and takeout
services offer an excellent way for hospitality businesses to increase revenue
with minimal costs.
This article summarizes the ways in which catering services have been
incorporated into foodservice operational styles* providing operators with tech-
niques and methods for expanding the profit-making potential of their busi-
nesses. The categories of foodservice operations offering catering services
addressed in this article are:
* Full-service restaurants
* Hotel food-and-beverage facilities
* Catering halls
* Independent caterers
* Country clubs
* Contract feeding
* Gourmet food shops and delicatessens
Services in a foodservice operation are the opportunities management
makes available to the customer to purchase food* beverage* entertainment*
and ancillary services. Services include:
* Table food services
* Packaged-takeout food services
* Beverage services
* Entertainment services
* Business-meeting services
* Conference and convention services
* Contract-feeding services
* Off-premise foodservice
* Home-replacement foodservice

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    the catering operations are not only referring on how to give values on the food that you serve,you as a caterer must see to it the profile of your costumer if he can eat a variery of food with regards to his/her traditions.
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    good content


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