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Outsider must rebuild trust at Air France-KLM

Benjamin Smith, the new head of Air France-KLM, faces one overriding question: can he make peace with the same French unions who pushed out his predecessor and in 2015 stripped executives at the airline half naked, forcing them to flee over a fence?
 It is a tough challenge for a self described “aviation geek” who takes over a group riven by conflict that has struggled to deal with recalcitrant unions that have cost the airline €335m in strikes in the first half of this year. Everybody knows that “what's been done in the past has not helped anybody. Nobody has gained, except the

Airlines Face Safety Upgrades

Federal air-accident investigators recommended an array of enhanced safety systems in cockpits and on the ground to reduce hazards of airliners mistakenly landing on taxiways instead of designated runways, an increasingly dangerous trend across U.S. airports.
 Tuesday's action by the National Transportation Safety Board was prompted by a July 2017 near-collision involving a landing Air Canada jet that flew roughly a dozen feet above the tail of another airliner waiting to take off from San Francisco International Airport.

Salaries Are Set To Take Off for Airport Workers

Cabin cleaners and baggage handlers are among the tens of thousands of airport workers expecting a significant pay increase. After years of pressure from airport workers, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey plans to vote Thursday on raising the minimum wage at its airports to $19 an hour.
 Hector Figueroa, president of Local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union, said Wednesday that the increase wouldn't catapult his members into the middle class.

The Science of the Long Haul

THE SONORAN DESERT is a pretty good place to research what ultralong nonstop flights do to the human body.
 Airlines and scientists are studying the effects of spending 20 hours or more in an arid cabin at high altitude. They're beginning to change everything from food service to cabin lighting and temperature to combat dehydration, jet lag and the sedentary effects of being belted into a seat for a day binge-watching movies.
 Singapore Airlines is working with nutrition and health experts at Canyon Ranch here to devise new menus and onboard wellness programs for its 9,534-mile nonstop

Atlantic Routes Give Lift To Airlines

 Airlines buffeted by higher fuel costs and labor pressures are getting a lift from trans-Atlantic flights.
 Strong economic growth in the U.S. and rebounding economies in Europe are helping fill planes. Airlines have been rapidly adding seats to satisfy this boom in demand.
 British Airways parent International Consolidated Airlines Group SA, known as IAG, posted a second-quarter rise in profit Friday. Sales on its trans-Atlantic routes helped offset costs

Pricier Fuel to Test Airline Profits

U.S. airlines are aiming to convince investors that surging fuel costs won't knock a record stretch of profitability off course.
 Some investors say airlines won't be able to raise prices fast enough to cover a roughly 55% increase in fuel costs from a year ago. The NYSE Arca Airline Index is down nearly 13% this year while the S&P 500 is up 3.2%. They expect carriers to commit to schedule cuts to address the rising costs when they report quarterly earnings this month. Delta Air Lines is the first to report, on Thursday.

Women's airline careers are stuck at low altitude

When the chief executive of Qatar Airways said this month that a woman could not do his job, industry leaders were quick to criticise. Akbar Al Baker was equally speedy in issuing his “heartfelt apologies” for a remark that has stirred up the gender debate in the aviation sector. Whether it is in the boardroomor the cockpit, the aviation industry trails on the issue of gender and diversity. Only 3 per cent of airline chief executives are women, according to a 2017 survey by industry journal Airline Business of the 100 biggest carriers by revenue. This compared with 7 per cent in the FTSE 100at the time of the study.