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Budget Airlines Cruise Into Canada

TORONTO—Low-cost airlines, taking off around the globe, have been in a holding pattern in Canada.
 But thanks to a change in government regulations, a trio of upstarts is set to break into the country's air-travel market, in a move that could challenge the duopoly of the main Canadian operators, Air Canada and WestJet Airlines Ltd.

Delta Air Lines Has Ways of Making Passengers Pay for Their Free Meals

Back in 2010, Continental Airlines was the last carrier standing, offering passengers in cattle class a free snack while rivals, desperate to cut costs, had begun to charge for that cheeseburger. Then it too succumbed, and travelers began to incorporate the pre-gate sandwich purchase into their itinerary.

UK airline Monarch denies speculation it is in financial trouble

British airline Monarch Airlines said it was operating normally and was on track to make a profit this year, after questions were asked about its future on social media.

"Our flights are operating as normal, carrying Monarch passengers as scheduled," the airline said in a statement on Monday.