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What do you look for in a potential management recruit?

We look for someone who is really thinking about a “long-term” career versus getting a good offer. We take pride in the number of managers who have been rewarded with career growth and opportunities. Another characteristic we evaluate is one’s energy level and service skills. We look that they have the desire and are able to align with the company service strategy.

What is your favorite question, the one you ask to get the best “read” on a person?

“Tell me what you have learned from past experiences and what you can offer Hyatt.” This is a very open question that allows us to hear more about one’s experiences. They have to be able to give specific points and apply them to a new career with Hyatt.

How much does Hyatt depend on formal testing and how much on personal interviews?

The personal interview will always outweigh any testing. However, we are experimenting with pre-employment assessments to ensure certain service characteristics and management aptitude are visible. We feel this is a great way to prescreen applicants and create a more focused interview.

What is the quickest way for an interviewee to take him- or herself out of the running?

Indecisiveness. We really want someone to have thought about a future career and have a general direction or goal. In addition, they must be flexible with relocation. A good hotelier is backed by a variety of experiences.

What skills do today’s recruits have that those ten years ago didn’t?

Hospitality today means much more than it did ten years ago. Today, recruits are introduced to other avenues such as Revenue Management, Retirement Communities, Casino Operations, Recreation, and Development. Due to technology, recruits know how to get information about companies and opportunities (blogs, message boards, social media, etc.).

What are some of the current opportunities for graduates of hospitality management programs in the lodging sector?

Lodging will always offer the traditional opportunities in Operations, Culinary, Facilities, Catering, Sales, Accounting, and Human Resources. The lodging sector offers much more today including Revenue Management, Spa Operations, and Development.

To what extent does your company employ the Internet in recruiting?

There is no other way to apply for a Hyatt job other than online. We deploy our training program and all career opportunities on the Hyatt career site However, we do leverage job openings on other Internet sites, but we are selective. We prefer to post on a few large and some niche sites rather than posting on as many as possible. Research and networking through social media is now mainstream. Many have discovered that connecting early and beginning dialogue or relationships may connect them to their future employer early on. Is there anything else that might be helpful for a hospitality management graduate to know before applying for a job with Hyatt?

Before applying to Hyatt, we ask that a graduate be open to movement [relocation]. We are focused on growth and differentiating our brands. Our current processes allow our associates movement among all Hyatt entities, which proves beneficial to one’s experiences. There is opportunity for experience across all sectors of the industry including:

Park Hyatt, which provides discerning, affluent individual business and leisure guests with elegant and luxurious accommodations, highly attentive personal service in an intimate environment.

Andaz, a vibrant yet relaxed atmosphere geared toward today’s individual business and leisure travelers, designed to reflect the unique cultural scene and spirit of the surrounding neighborhood.

Grand Hyatt, which features large-scale, distinctive hotels in major gateway cities and resort destinations providing sophisticated global business and leisure travelers with upscale accommodations.

Hyatt Regency, which offers a full range of services and facilities tailored to serve the needs of conventions, business travelers, and resort vacationers conveniently located in urban, suburban, airport, convention, and resort destinations around the world.

Hyatt hotels are smaller-size properties conveniently located in secondary markets in the United States offering guests the opportunity to experience our signature service and hospitality even when traveling outside of major gateway markets.

Hyatt Place is designed for the busy lifestyle of today’s multitasking business traveler and features a selected range of services aimed at providing casual hospitality in a well-designed, high-tech, and contemporary environment located in urban, airport, and suburban areas.

Hyatt Summerfield Suites is an extended-stay, residential-style hotel that aims to provide individual travelers with the feel of a modern condominium located in urban, airport, and suburban locations.

Hyatt Vacation Club provides members with vacation ownership opportunities in regionally inspired and designed residential-style properties with the quality of the Hyatt brand.

Hyatt Resorts is a collection of vacation properties across our Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, and Hyatt Regency brands representing attributes of the individual brand in the more personal context of a vacation environment and are characterized by relaxed, comfortable spaces reflective of the local culture.

Randy Goldberg, Vice President Recruiting Hyatt Hotels Corporation


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