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What Hotel Industry Trends to Expect in 2017

It goes without saying that in 2016 hotel industry was recognized as a rapidly developing industry that raises solid investments. It is not strange taking into account the fact that over the last few years hotel industry has been regarded as one of the most attractive businesses. This is due to unstable position of world economy since 2013. Hotel business is the industry that can rapidly response to external changes. Hotel industry is flexible and profitable due to chance of effective work in a down economy and maximized revenue in the time of economic growth. Today hospitality industry attracts more and more attention of people who have experience in it and newcomers. It is possible to define major industry trends in 2017 taking into account main events in hotel industry that took place in 2016.

How to navigate the new hotel technology road-map

CRM data, PMS data, review data, guest acquisition data, marketing analytics… these moving pieces are a bit like a solar system without a sun to anchor them.

They float around serving little purpose rather than working in unison toward a common goal. To give data some gravitational pull, we must de-complexify it (this one may not really be a word, but you get the drift).

Butler service? Here's a peek inside those exclusive hotel lounges

For example, the club lounge at the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans is marketed as "a boutique hotel within a hotel." There is a buffet-style, staffed restaurant that serves full meals, champagne, wine, beer and cocktails all day, private areas for conducting meetings with comfortable seating, complimentary newspapers and a private concierge service.

Hilton Remains Attractive Value In Crowded Hotel Industry

Fierce competition has always bedeviled companies in the hotel and lodging industry, but more so now than ever, as agile and active competitors have mushroomed, with bed-and-breakfast and vacation rental operators taking a big bite of the market. Even so, some of the large hotel stalwarts are still the best long-term stocks to bet on in this sector.

The APA way - Always Pleasant Amenities

Fumiko Motoya is certainly an easy person to recognize. As president of APA Hotel Co Ltd, Japan’s largest business hotel chain, her cheerful face adorns billboards, in which says “私が社長です” (I am a company president), she appears on TV, in magazines and newspapers and her face is on the company’s brands of water, curry and other products. She is also famous for her collection of colorful hats which now number about 240.

As we enter Motoya’s office, she and her husband Toshio, APA’s CEO, greet us at a large boardroom table covered with full-page ads for APA, books about the company and, of course, all the APA products.

How Hotel Marketers Can Win The Battle Against Online Travel Agencies

When Marriott finally sealed their long-awaited $13B merger with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, most headlines framed it as the dawn of the world’s largest hotel operator.

Those in the marketing industry, like myself, saw it from a slightly different perspective: the next strike in the ongoing war between hotels and online travel agencies (OTAs).