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10 Powerful Reasons Independent Hotels are Better Placed to Win Market Share over Chain Hotels

The independent hotel market in Europe is a big business. Big in terms of employment, tourism and contribution to local economies. Most importantly for our industry, independent hotels are big in terms of room inventory – the collective number of rooms these hotels represent.

This inventory is what makes independent hotels attractive partners for online travel agencies (OTAs), and it’s at the heart of the current struggle for independents and chains alike to strengthen their direct bookings. Fortunately, along with all that inventory, independents have 10 powerful, often overlooked advantages when it comes to competing for market share.

Marriott Hotels' content marketing model ensures a long stay

By: Spero Patricios

Marriott Hotels' social media monitoring innovation and branded content creation is making waves around the world, connecting the brand with the next generation of travellers - Millennials. Here's how their content delights their media audience, further boosting their brand loyalty.

What’s Next for Hotel and Resort Spa

Resort and hotel spas make up only about 20% of the global spa market but are often a source of inspiration and leadership in the spa industry while facing unique challenges. In addition to changing workplace dynamics as new generations enter the workforce, they must constantly search for ways to find and retain qualified staff. Staying current with trends in a rapidly

InterContinental Hotel’s ‘blight’ request gets tepid reception

A Kansas City Council committee gave a decidedly half-hearted response Wednesday to the InterContinental Hotel’s request for blight designation that would allow for a new sales tax to help pay for the hotel’s $16 million renovation.

The Planning, Zoning and Economic Development committee did not endorse the four-star Country Club Plaza hotel

7 ways the new Trump Hotel is trying to make DC great again

One way or another, Donald Trump is about to arrive on Pennsylvania Avenue.  

The Trump International Hotel, Washington D.C. has its soft opening on Monday. Located in the historic Old Post Office Building at 1100 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, it’s just a few blocks from the house Trump hopes to reside in come Jan. 20.

Catering To The Ultra-Wealthy: The Elite Hotel Club Floor

“Unlike most hotels, the club floor is sacrosanct – we either sell it or it remains vacant. Nobody gets upgraded to the floor, or comped, and we do not sell or provide ‘access’ to the club lounge. Plenty of US chain hotels have club floors that they end up watering down the exclusivity by upgrading meeting planners, travel agents, and media. They also sell or give away access to the club floor lounge.”

Norway Hotel, restaurant workers go on strike

Norway’s biggest hotel has closed its doors, guests have been forced to relocate against their will and one hotel manager took it upon himself to serve breakfast to 170 people Sunday morning. Negotiations between thousands of striking hotel workers and their employers were deadlocked on Monday, with no settlement in sight. Around 3,500 workers at 363 hotels and restaurants in Norway were called out on strike on Saturday, after nearly 12 hours of negotiations in overtime failed to produce a settlement with hotel and restaurant employers.

'Bedtime stories': the most cringeworthy hotel service ever?

The idea of offering bedtime stories is actually not new: The Ace Hotels in London and Los Angeles provide the service. “We asked some of our favorite writers with some of the softest voices to read bedtime stories aloud to us,” the hotel chain explains on its website. “We've recorded the readings and deposited them here for safekeeping. If you are visiting us at Ace Hotel London or Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, we're also broadcasting the stories bedside from the in-room radios.”

The Hotel Club Lounges You Actually Want to Visit

High-end upgrades to food, drinks and amenities that extend past the club area to the beach and pool.

Facing increased competition, hotels are making their lounges bigger and the food and drink they offer better. They are finding that customers are increasingly willing to pay a hefty premium—sometimes hundreds of dollars—for the perk.

Behind the scenes at an NBA hotel

At the Hotel Monaco, there are extra-tall robes on each bed, and staff members will literally give coaches the shirts off their backs. Welcome to a hotel designed to meet every last need of NBA teams on the road.

The housekeeping staff sets the stage for the Rockets' visit. If NBA teams arrive after dark, shades are drawn and lights are left on.