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Digital money has made it harder to tip the hotel housemaid

Last summer, Uber at last started allowing its customers to tip their drivers. There was nothing actually preventing them from tipping before. At the end of the ride a passenger could have pulled out his wallet, fished around for change and handed the driver a few dollars. But it would have seemed absurd to do so, when everything else about the transaction was handled through a few taps of the app. The app didn’t enable tipping, so riders didn’t tip.

Are you a hotel room thief? Staff reveal you will almost certainly get away with nabbing towels and slippers

Not only is it very hard to pinpoint which guest stole something, but hotels also factor theft into their annual budget

WHETHER it’s a pair of embossed slippers, a sewing kit or a handful of shampoo miniatures, most people have slipped something into their luggage during a hotel stay.

Managing an Ageing Workforce

There is no doubt that the Australian workforce is ageing. The proportion of older people in the population is increasing and we are remaining at work longer to meet the demands of the cost of living. When you consider that the 45-plus age group which comprised 32% of the workforce in the 1980s has now reached up to 85% in the last 10 years, employers can’t control the reality of the future workforce composition. The challenge for employers is how to proactively manage their ageing workers to minimise the potential for workplace psychological and physical illness and injury. So…what can you do? Let’s start by exploring some of the changes the ageing body goes through to understand how this may impact on workplace health and then consider some management strategies to adopt to address the problem.

ASTA and CLIA to Take Stage Together at Travel Industry Exchange

NEW YORK -- Questex Travel Group today announced the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) would take the stage together for the first time in recent memory to kick off the general session of its Travel Industry Exchange event Sept. 15-17 at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida.

How to hire quality Houseskeeping staff and keep them?

When anyone books a room at a  hotel or resort, the first two things we do when opening the door is check for cleanliness , then the mini bar or the other way around.

The mini bar for some strange reason we believe is free or we suspend belief that it costs an arm and a leg . Why we do this? ,  I’ll never  know .The gods of mini bar must shake their head in bemusement. It’s not till the checkout, do we step back into reality and blame the kids , except they do not drink Corona’s dad.

The other thing we do by habit is check the bathroom for hair , the toilet bowl for …………………. and under the bed for fluff, a throw back from our mothers and from our mothers mother.