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Elena Gkika: HR Director at Costa Navarino

The Human Resources management in the hotel industry is a particularly combinatorial professional category. Throughout the winter trainings take place that re-instrumentalize technically and emotionally the relationship of the employee with the brand; the autumn months are the months of the reward and the celebration of the human resources with parties where money for charities are collected and sundry celebratory events are organized; in the spring, experiential activities that renew emotionally the human resources towards the corporate culture take place while the preparations for the summer resemble the final preparations of the local grandmother to welcome her grandchildren at the village for the summer. So beautifully Greek.

AETHOS Talks Talent – The Human Factor

AETHOS frequently advises clients on the considerable nuances involved in finding and developing talent. Recently, much has been published about today's sourcing and hiring processes, which seem to have become dramatically "technologized" for efficiency. However, speedy and transactional processes do not automatically equal quality outcomes. Until AI (artificial intelligence) can accurately and consistently mimic or perfect what human interaction can discern, technology can only assist in the match-making. The ultimate decision takes a bit more finesse. Let's revisit the basic challenges hiring managers continually face, and then consider our thoughts on how to best tackle each.

Travel talks: Emma Fraser, Hotel marketing head

Group director of marketing at TFE Hotels Emma Fraser grew up wanting to be an international lawyer or an air stewardess. She reckons she's ended up somewhere in the middle, with plenty of travel. She studied international hotel management at Middlesex University and afterwards went overseas on what she thought would be a three-month holiday. She ended up working in hotels in Australia and Dubai and Singapore for the past 15 years. Her company, TFE, has hotels around the world including in New Zealand.

Travel talks: Lesley Immink

Lesley Immink, the chief executive of Tourism Export Council NZ, started her career in the travel industry as a hotel housekeeper. Her 30-year career in tourism began on the frontline working in the THC hotels at Milford Sound, Franz Josef, Chateau Tongariro and the Sheraton Rotorua where she had roles in housekeeping, restaurant services, hotel reception, accounts and night auditing.

An Employer’s View of Job Placement - Hyatt

What do you look for in a potential management recruit?

We look for someone who is really thinking about a “long-term” career versus getting a good offer. We take pride in the number of managers who have been rewarded with career growth and opportunities. Another characteristic we evaluate is one’s energy level and service skills. We look that they have the desire and are able to align with the company service strategy.

Hospitality and Tourism Careers: An Introduction


The hospitality and tourism industry provides accommodations, meals, and personal services for both the traveling public and permanent residents. The range of employment opportunities in the industry is vast. All positions, from bellhops to executive chefs to amusement park workers, share the same goal: serving the public.