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How Your Hospitality Business Can Make More Money From Major Local Events

These external economic conditions, such as regulation, the weather, or—what this article focuses on—local major events, can create changes in consumer demand. Let’s look at how major local events—such as a sporting event, recreational event, or another type of media-frenzied event that attracts tourists to the local area—create a major, positive economic impact and pump up the sales of businesses that cater to the consumer demand.

From Hosting Events for the Pope to President of Protravel: An Interview with Patrick Fragale

From hosting events for the Pope to heli-skiing off cliffs in Aspen, top adventure-travel agent Patrick Fragale has done it all. As president of Protravel, he oversees approximately 1,000 people at 19 branch locations in the United States and the United Kingdom, with annual sales close to $1 billion.

But in the end, he says, it’s his five children and his experience in the hospitality industry that are the keys to his success.