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Meeting Customer’s Expectations in the New Age of Personalization

It is no secret that personalization has been the hot topic for hotel marketers and technology professionals over the past couple of months. Research has shown that guests searching for travel information are no different than any other online consumer; they are now expecting a significant level of personalization during their travel

How Will The Brexit Impact US Airlines?

Contrary to market expectations, the United Kingdom surprisingly voted in favor of leaving the European Union through a referendum on 23rd June 2016. While the Brexit, or the exit of Britain from the EU, may not have many short term implications, it is likely to significantly impact the economic health of the UK as well as the EU over the long

Peek inside the world's next class of giant cruise ships

What will the next generation of MSC Cruises ships be like? See for yourself with a look at the video above, which offers a sneak peek at the features planned for the soon-to-debut MSC Meraviglia -- one of the largest cruise vessels ever conceived.

As can be in the video -- a promotional reel that MSC officially will release on Friday

Why Does Every New Restaurant Look Like A Factory?

For the past few years, my friends and I have noticed two trends when dining. First, seemingly every high-end menu rebukes factory farming with an essay about locally sourced pork belly, and second, just about every one of these restaurants looks so much like a factory — with exposed light bulbs, steel details and brick walls — that I'm

Reviews on travel websites are rarely honest

How honest are reviews on travel websites? By this I do not mean: is the person writing the review who he says he is, and not the owner of the hotel boosting its rating or a competitor doing it down? (We have covered that problem before.) I mean, rather, to what extent are reviewers’ ratings a reflection of their actual experience?