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The Impact of Sports Tourism - Digital Marketing News This Week

Even as the Rio de Janeiro Olympics faces a variety of potential headaches, spending on sports tourism continues to grow. The World Travel Market estimated more than $600 billion is spent globally on sports tourism, and big name tournaments and championships attract millions of international fans, along with plenty of anger when things

The Uber of Air Travel Business Is Taking Off

Air travel has been infamously troublesome for more than a decade. Between security lines, flight cancellations, and uncomfortable chairs, there is no way to enjoy the traveling experience when you have to go to the airport. And while other modes of transportation enjoy innovation and affordability in the form of ride sharing and Hyperloop

4 Ways Millennials Are Changing The Face Of Travel

In today’s digital age, travel is not viewed as a luxury but instead a necessity. With pictures of exotic destinations and adventurous excursions flooding the social feeds of Millennials, it’s no surprise that travel has become a top priority for this generation. In fact, Millennials are 23 percent more likely to travel abroad than their older counterparts.