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The failure of hotel loyalty programs to defend against Airbnb, quantified

If hotels are counting on loyalty programs to keep their best customers away from Airbnb, they might want to come up with a Plan B.

Members of hotel loyalty programs are more likely than other travelers to have booked a stay in Airbnb. Thirty-six percent of travelers enrolled in a hotel loyalty program say they’ve tried Airbnb, compared to 15% of non-loyalty travelers, according to a Dec. 22 report from Morgan Stanley Research.

Hotel Websites Don't Matter—and 3 Other Insights on Travel Booking Trends

As Airbnb continues to disrupt tourism and travelers seek out more unique, localized experiences, hotel marketers need to break out of industry tropes and adapt to guests' changing tastes. "Where They Go. Why They Stay," a new report released today by brand engagement firm Sullivan and qualitative research firm 20|20 Research, provides a look at travelers' decision-making processes and offers tips for attracting more guests.

Expedia tracks bleisure travelers and finds activities drive decisions

It also includes an unusually thorough panel study. It enlisted 128 volunteers who allowed researchers to track all of their online activity across PC, tablet, and mobile during their planning of bleisure trips. A passive bit of software tracked each app and site the volunteers used over a period of time to see which factors influenced a business traveler’s decision to extend a trip for leisure.

How to Jumpstart Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings Through Multichannel Campaigns - By Margaret Mastrogiacomo

According to Google, the travel planning journey is influenced by over 19 different touchpoints. While we have big-picture insight and data points that reveal the extensiveness of the travel planning journey, the path to a booking and the micro-moments along the way vary and key customer segments need to be reached through multichannel marketing campaign efforts.

How to Generate Revenue with Social Media

Most hoteliers associate the term Social Media with Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. But there is much more to Social Media. Facebook & Co. are one aspect, the other important part is rating portals. Communities are nice and valuable, but money is made through TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck, and Google+.

What is important for a good hotel ranking

Six questions hotel owners need to ask when investing in a revenue solution

Making financially sound business investments is a critical aspect of any hotel owner’s world.  However, sorting through today’s vast sea of revenue technology and analytical capabilities can often leave owners swimming in dark, murky waters.

Here are the top six questions hotel owners should ask when investing in a revenue solution for their organization.