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A Recipe for Success

Two years ago, he and his wife opened a restaurant, Crust, in Miami, serving pizzas and pasta along with other fare. It was a huge risk. Even for the savviest chef or businessperson, a new restaurant is a great way to lose a lot of money—fast. The industry sees thousands of new entrants each year, and about 27% of them close their doors within 12 months, and 60% in the first three years, according to H.G. Parsa, a University of Denver professor who has studied restaurant failure rates for more than 10 years.

Too much Ed Sheeran bad for restaurant business, says study

That's the takeaway from a study by the consulting firm Soundtrack Your Brand concerning background music in dining establishments. It found that certain types of playlists — namely, those comprised of random pop hits — aren’t as good for business as a curated playlist mixed with lesser-known, yet on-trend songs.

Are you a hotel room thief? Staff reveal you will almost certainly get away with nabbing towels and slippers

Not only is it very hard to pinpoint which guest stole something, but hotels also factor theft into their annual budget

WHETHER it’s a pair of embossed slippers, a sewing kit or a handful of shampoo miniatures, most people have slipped something into their luggage during a hotel stay.

Retailers Want You to Stay With Them, Too

The hotel business is diversifying. More travelers are seeking homey surroundings at Airbnb and HomeAway and turning to boutique hotels for their non-cookie-cutter designs. (According to STR, a hotel research firm, domestic occupancy rates in boutique hotels rose to 75 percent in 2015 from 67 percent in 2010.) That is one reason some retailers and designers see an opening for their hotel concepts.