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Going Dutch Consensus-based style in Netherlands is a plus

In late August, it looked as if new chief executive Benjamin Smith would be facing resistance from the Dutch half of the Air France-KLM group too: the VNV pilots' union had started to ballot its members on industrial action against KLM to coincide with his arrival.
 The dispute was over whether a 4 per cent reduction in working hours started in mid-2019 or earlier. After mediation, the sides agreed October 2018

Paris will not fly to Air France-KLM rescue, warns flag carrier's new chief

The French government should not, and will not, bail out Air France-KLM or try to protect it from competition, the airline's new chief executive has said as he prepares for negotiations with unions.
 Benjamin Smith told that President Emmanuel Macron's government was prepared to sell its 14 per cent stake, even though some at the airline regarded the state's stake as an insurance policy.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in Hotel Digital Marketing

This month, Google nudges SEO marketers in the right direction with clarifications to the mobile-first index as it rolls out to more websites; Bing pilots in-market audiences; and Instagram gets more serious with Stories by adding e-commerce features. From SEO to design, read on to learn the top five things you need to know now in hotel digital marketing, and stay informed.

In travel, you get what you pay for

By Richard Turen

Dear client, you have contacted me because you think I can help you with your travel plans. You say you are looking for a bargain. You want something cheap for your next vacation. You want the cheapest hotels I can find.

In our initial discussion, you said you wanted to get a deal, and you literally asked me to get you the lowest price. You indicated that if I didn't, you might go to someone else.