Four Seasons Housekeeping Training Checklist

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Training Checklist Floor Supervisor


Hire Date:

Completion Date:


A trainer or manager will teach you the tasks and responsibilities of your position. As you learn each of the items below, place your initials and date. This is an indication that you have been shown how to perform the task and have had the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities. If at any time you are uncertain or are uncomfortable on how to perform any of the tasks, it is your responsibility to inform your trainer. It is our commitment to provide you with the necessary tools and skills for you to be successful in your new position.


Task and Responsibilities Date Trainee Trainer
Section 1 - Core Standards      
Core Standards Defined      
Service Culture Standards      
Core Standards for Guest Room Initial Condition      
Core Standards for Guest Room Daily Service      
Core Standards for Guest Room Evening Service      
Core Standards for Problem Resolution      
Section 2 - Sequence of Service      
Sequence of Service Defined      
Sequence of Service for Inspecting a Check out/Vacant Room      
Section 3 - How To’s      
How To’s Defined      
Do’s and Don’ts      
How To’s for Inspecting a Check-Out/Vacant Room      
Enter the guest room      
Start from entrance – move around the room      
Inspect the room for maintenance      
Inspect trash bins      
Inspect bed making/under bed      
Inspect dusting      
Inspect night stand closest to bathroom

  •   Clock radio – set alarm to 12pm/radio at 92.5

Night set closest to desk:

  •   Telephone/notepad/pencil/Inspect for cleanliness
Move clockwise to inspect

  •   Furniture/check drawer liners
  •   Lamps/bulb wattage is 100 watts/light switches
  •   Windows/check plants in suites
  •   Second telephone (desk)
  •   Desk/chairs
  •   Pictures (frames/glass)
  •   Armoire (top right drawer – turndown tray)
  •   Television/CD
  •   Drawers (Bottom left drawer – 2 laundry bags/dockets)
Inspect closet

  •   Shelves
  •   Walls (Shoe horn, Clothes brush
  •   Mirrors
  •   Hangers (7 male, 2 satin, 5 female)
  •   Safe – safe drawer
  •   (Bed spread Bag/shopping bag)
Inspect Mini-bar

  •   Coffee Maker/Kettle/Mugs/Amenity Box
  •   Ice Bucket/Glasses
Inspect Bathroom

  •   Walls/door
  •   Tub
  •   Sink Basin, shower, toilet
  •   High dusting of bathroom
  •   Mirror/Shaving Mirror
  •   Floor
Inspect amenities, supplies, towels and robes placement      
Inspect vacuuming      
Quality check of room      
Update status on phone      
Update worksheet      
Exit room and secure door      
Additional How To’s      
Inspecting an Occupied Room      
Special Service Time      
Handling Lost and Found      
Telephone Etiquette      
Disclosure of Information to the Public/Media      
Interacting with a Guest      
Handling a Challenging Guest Request      
Proper Behavior for all Staff      
The Top 10 Ways to Avoid Saying “No”      
Section 4 – Training Resources      
Insert all items that would be an appendices and include:      
Hotel Floor Diagrams      
Pictures of amenity placements      
Housekeeping Report      
Safety Checklist for Housekeeping      
MSDS Compliance      
Bloodborne Pathogens      
Computer Application Training      
Hotel Facts      
Complaint Handling      
Standards Test      
  Date Trainee Trainer

Trainer Comments:


Trainee Comments:


I agree that I have been taught all of the items listed on the Training Checklist and will to the best of my ability perform each task according to Four Seasons policies and procedures.

Trainee Signature           Date

Trainer Signature           Date

Manager Signature         Date



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