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Objective: Opening / Serving White Wine




Training Aids / Equipment: Computer and LCD Projector


1.The server should check the bin number, the label and the vintage  are same as ordered

2.Put the wine in the cooler with ice cubes and water

3.Use the waiter's towel to hold the bottle and show the bottle and the label to the host or the one who placed the order

4.Watch and wait until the signal from the host is okay

5.Put the bottle back into the cooler, hold the bottle with one hand, use the other hand to make 2 cuts on the foil of the bottle mouth along the neck by a knife (approx 1.5 cm width and 2 cm in length)

6.Cut the foil from one of the cuts around the rim to the other

7.Use the knife to lift up the foil from the back and fold it to the front of the bottle mouth, to show the label on the foil

8.Hold the bottle neck with one hand, insert the corkscrew into the cork at the right angle in the centre, do not make the corkscrew through the cork

9.Flip down the short lever, hooking it on the edge of the neck together firmly

10.Hold the end of the long lever and lift it up and unplug the cork slowly, unscrew the cork from the screw, put it on a small dish and show it the host

11.Use the waiter's towel to wipe and clean the mouth of the bottle

12.Serve a little wine (approx one oz) to the host or the one who ordered the wine to taste the wine

13.Watch the host and wait for his signal whether the wine is okay or not

14.Serve the wine to the ladies first, and then the guest of honour, finally the host (the one who taste the wine)

15.Remove the towel and Put the bottle back into the cooler

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