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Housekeeping, Engineering and Security Operations: An Introduction

Awhile back, I was talking with a large group
of housekeeping directors representing most
of the major metropolitan hotels in a large
northeastern city. I asked the following question:
How many of you, as part of your career
plan, initially considered housekeeping as a
managerial role that had any attraction to
you? The answer, not surprisingly, was none!
This points up a major dilemma facing
modern hotel management structures. One of
the most important, most labor-intensive, and
largest cost centers in the hotel is neither universally

Cleaning Suite Hotels (with Kitchens,Fireplaces, and Patios)

Many different types of hotel offerings involve standard
but, in their own way, unique routines. A good example
of this type of hotel is a suite hotel, where more than the
standard bedroom and bath are offered. Such facilities
might include a formal sitting room or parlor, bedroom,
kitchen and dining area, fireplace, and formal patio. A
good example of such a facility is the chain of hotels
known as Marriott’s Residence Inns.
TheMarriott Corporation reaches into several market
areas of the hotel industry: the Full Service Hotels are

Housekeeping in Other Venues

The Five Types of Soil

There are five types of soil that present the environmental
service manager, or anyone with the responsibility
to ‘‘clean,’’ with a challenge. Not all soils are directly
and solely bacteria-related, but we shall keep bacteria on
the list. Each soil, regardless of whether it is organic or
inorganic, is a compound capable of being altered by
chemical reaction.
The following are the five types of soil:
1. Mineral: A solid homogeneous crystalline chemical
element or compound, having a specific chemical


Ah yes, those were the days, sitting in our university
classes, wondering where our education
and futures would take us. I thought it
would be quite easy—go through the management
training program, become an assistant
department head for a little while, move
to department and then division head, then
presto—general manager!
After going through the management
training in my first company, I decided I
wanted to stay in the rooms division—more
specifically front office, so the path was laid
out: hotel assistant manager, then front office

The Housekeeping Day 2

As the GRAs complete each room, they should make a
written record of each room cleaned in order to know
when the daily work assignments have been completed.
In addition, the GRAs should reevaluate the priority
of cleaning rooms after each room is finished. A new
request for early service may have appeared, or checkouts
may have been noticed while cleaning a particular room;
these situations can cause a small change in the order in
which the work schedule should be progressed.
Suppose, during ‘‘opening of the house’’ the supervisor

Concerns for Safety and Security in Housekeeping Operations

The body of knowledge that is now becoming of
major concern to those involved in management of the
service professions is about safeguarding assets of an
organization. This is a responsibility for which all who
work within such organizations must take heed.
The American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS,
the national association for directors of security) has now
catalogued this body of knowledge into a resource that
forms the basis for educating, certifying, and training
not only directors of security groups but also those in

Computers Come of Age in the World of Housekeeping

The subject of computers and their application to the
techniques of rooms management in hotel operations
has at last come of age. Once confined to the realm of
top management, statistical analysis, corporate planning
payroll, and the like, state-of-the-art development of computer
application to propertymanagement systems is now
commonplace. The race to devise and provide economical
information-handling and reporting systems has been
nothing short of spectacular. Although the race goes on,
hardware (input terminals, microprocessors, disk drive

Director Of Rooms - Travel and Hospitality Career Opportunities

Duties: Oversees the front office operations for a hotel, including the front desk, bell stand, valet service, housekeeping, and reservations    

Alternate Title(s): Rooms Manager; Rooms Director; Rooms Division Director or Manager    

Salary Range: $40,000 to $100,000 and up    

Employment Prospects: Fair to Good    

Advancement Prospects: Good    

The Laundry

Most of the material written about on-premises laundries
addresses the issue of whether to have such a facility.
Numerous trade publications have dealt both analytically
and subjectively with cost-saving considerations and
with qualityandinventory control, efficiency of operation,
dependability of outside contracts, and linen investment
This article presents these arguments, both for and
against on-premises laundries. For those properties that
decide in favor of an on-premises laundry, a proposed
set of criteria is offered for their use.