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Planning to Schedule Workers and Housekeeper Team Staffing

Not many hotels or hospitals close on Saturdays,
Sundays, and holidays. Worker scheduling would be
greatly simplified if such were the case. Everyone would
have weekends and holidays off, and when the doors of
the department were closed, workers and managers alike
could relax, knowing that nothing was happening at the
In hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and other seven-day
operations, however, worker scheduling is a major task
that must be performed with absolute regularity. Not
only must the manager and supervisor devote time and

Housekeeping Material Planning: Administration of Equipment and Supplies

The executive housekeeper’s time appears thus far
to have been occupied only with people matters,
giving the impression that other forms of planning
are of no consequence. Although staff planning may
require great human engineering and is assuredly the
most costly part of housekeeping operations, it is also
necessary to plan for and become organized in material
administration. Administration refers to the selection,
purchasing, use, and control of items; material refers
to the various product items that will be used by the

Personnel Administration - Hotel Housekeeping Subroutines

Another subroutine requiring the daily attention of
management is time card control. Employees should
be counseled at the time of employment as to how
many hours constitute the work shift each day. Some
organizations specify an 8-hour shift, including time
off for work breaks and lunch. Others require that
employees clock out for lunch, thus leaving them on
their own time for lunch. A housekeeping operation
may be arranged in such a way as to have employees on
the property for 8.5 hours, including two work breaks

Guest Supplies

A guest supply is any item that is conducive to the guest’s
material comfort and convenience. The term amenity is
commonly used to identify luxury items that a hotel gives
away to its guests at no extra charge, although the cost
of those items is often hidden in the room rate.
There are also those guest supplies that are expected
to be used up by the guest that cannot be classified as
luxuries even at the most spartan budget property. We
shall categorize those items as guest expendables.
Then there are items essential to the guestroom that

Long-Range Planning - Hotel Housekeeping Subroutines

There are many cases in which budgets are presented
to executive housekeepers that dictate how much
in the way of labor and supplies will be expended
in the performance of tasks. Such budgets, which
originate with top management and are handed down,
seldom draw the commitment of operational managers,
because little or no planning was contributed at the
department level. The participation of the executive
housekeeper in formulating the operational budget for