Back office systems

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Back office systems are the IT business applications
that support the internal business functions of hospitality
organizations. Like the customer-facing
(front office) ones, these applications are instrumental
in the fulfillment of the hospitality or
tourism enterprise’s mission – from product to service
and everything in between. They are usually
software packages such as Business Performance
Management tools, Enterprise Resource Planning,
Supply Chain Management and Sourcing or individual
applications such as inventory management,
purchasing or e-procurement, menu and
recipe management (for catering operations),
human resources management (e-recruitment,
e-training, employee scheduling, and payroll),
energy management, preventative property
maintenance, and accounting.
Customer-centric strategies require back office
systems to have some level of integration with
front office systems (mainly the PMS in the case of
hotels and the CRM system of the enterprise) in
order to provide a complete outlook on customer
interactions and the connected business processes.
Investment in back office systems is a point of
significant concern for hospitality and tourism
enterprises. A number of large enterprises have
found that outsourcing these applications to third
parties offers good return on investment (ROI)
and allows them to focus on their primary activities
related with customer service. The ASP
model of outsourcing can also be appropriate for
back office applications.

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