Butler Training Guide: Greeting A Guest

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 Butlers will Greet All Guests and Associates at all times. Whether it is in Guest Room, Guest Corridors, Lobby, BOTH and other areas, Butlers will offer a smile and appropriate greeting to ALL.


1.           Butlers will greet all Guest with the following phrase:

A.           “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Mr. Jones,”

B.           “How are you today?”


2.           Butler will answer all calls with phrase:

“Good morning/afternoon/evening, Butler John at your service”


3.           Butlers will courteously step aside for the Guest to always go first whether in Elevator or walkway.


4.           Butlers will show proper body language and Facial Expressions that reflect the warm friendly attitude of the Hyatt Hotel.


5.           Butlers will greet and smile all Associates of the Hotel, which will support the culture of Fun, cooperation and teamwork.

A.           “Thank you Michael for your assistance this morning. Mr. Jones was very pleased with our service”

B.           “Good Afternoon, Carol. How is it going in the Saint’s?”


6.           A smile is part of the Greeting Function for all Guest and Associates


7.           All greetings shall be natural feeling and expressed through the Heart.



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