Casino Management

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One of the keys to a casino's success is the effectiveness of the management team. The organization and experience of the team has a direct impact on the casino operation's profitability, so it's only fitting to examine management and how it is organized in a casino.

 President or General Manager
 This person is responsible for the casino's operations overall, which includes any related properties or hotels. Strategic and day-to-day responsibilities are inherent to the position, and all personnel report ultimately to the president. The person in this position reports to the owners' representatives.

 Vice Presidents
 The Vice President of Finance is responsible for all the financial activities of the organization. The VP of Finance's direct reports usually include cage, credit, accounting, collections, information system (IS), and purchasing. The Vice President of Casino Operations handles the casino's overall operation, including table games, slots, and other gaming operations (such as keno, race and sports, and poker). Gaming compliance and gaming are two critical responsibility areas for this individual.
 The Vice President of Human Resources oversees compensation, benefits, employment, labor relations, training, and workers' compensation functions. The VP of Human Resources must also ensure compliance with any applicable local, state, and federal requirements that pertain to these areas. The Vice President of Security is responsible for security, surveillance, investigations, risk management, and safety. This includes handling insurance issues and the loss complaints of guests.

  •  Games or Casino Manager. The responsibilities of the Games or Casino Manager include table games operation, personnel, and supervising the shift managers. Shift managers operate game tables, and manage the associated personnel during a given shift. Supervising the pit managers and every other table games employee during the shift is also in the job description.
  •  Pit manager: This person is accountable for overseeing the table games' operation in a particular pit. The pit manager also supervises floorpersons and dealers within his or her pit. Additionally, the person in this position is responsible for games protection and customer relations.
  •  Floorperson: A floorperson is responsible for supervising the operation of a specific group of games within a certain pit. This person also supervises the dealers at the assigned tables, rates player actions, and ensures compliance with the house rules.
  •  Dealers: Dealers are responsible for the operation of one particular table game. Dealers are required to comply with house rules for conducting the game in play.
  •  Pit clerk: This individual completes pit transactions including fills, markers, and credits either manually or by using the casino computer system. This person may report to either casino or cage supervisory personnel.
  •  Slot manager: This individual is in charge of the operation of the slot department, from selection of machines and determination of the floor configuration to machine operation and maintenance. The slot manager also supervises the head slot mechanic and the shift managers.
  •  Shift manager: The slots shift manager oversees the slot department, which includes overseeing all personnel during a given shift. Other responsibilities include verification of large jackpot payouts and customer relations.
  •  Head slot mechanic: This employee is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all the slot machines. The head slot mechanic also maintains records that pertain to the slot machines, including par sheets, location, and any changes made to the machine. Additionally, this individual trains and supervises all the slot mechanics.
  •  The director of casino marketing: This individual is responsible for all of the aspects concerning the casino's marketing, which includes the development and maintenance of a database of customers. Another task the director of casino marketing carries out is designing and implementing programs that seek to attract repeat and new customer visits. This person also oversees the operation of the slot club, branch offices, casino hosts, special events, and tournaments.
  •  Hosts: Hosts are put in charge of identifying and attracting new casino visitors, in addition to serving the needs of those who are already customers. 

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