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Casino Accounting

Table Drop and Count
Depending on the preferences of management and the requirements established by the gaming jurisdictions, drop boxes can be removed from the table games either after each shift or once a day. Casinos, unlike most businesses today, do not record transactions at the point of sale. The proceeds of the shift of the day are unknown until the count is performed. As a

Discovering Card Counters

Card counting, the method of using mathematical formulae to determine the advantageous move in a card game, is not illegal. However, since a good card counter can make around a 2 percent profit over time in a game of blackjack, it may be to the casino's advantage to prevent these people from participating in high stakes games. But how can a casino employee quickly and easily determine if a player is counting cards?

Steve Wynn - The History of Modern Gaming

It is impossible to discuss modern-day Las Vegas without mentioning Steve Wynn. Perhaps no one individual has acted as a greater agent of change in the face of the gaming industry over the past decade than Steve Wynn. Mr. Wynn is credited by many in the industry with transforming Las Vegas into a world-class resort destination.
 Mr. Wynn today is the mastermind behind Wynn Resort, which will be the most ambitious project built to date in Las Vegas.

Sol Kerzner - The History of Modern Gaming

Sol Kerzner, chairman of Sun International Hotels Ltd., has redefined the scope and scale of destination resort/casino development and operation throughout much of the world. Mr Kerzner's company, Sun International Hotels, is an international leader in family entertainment and gaming destinations with over 12 resorts and casinos on Paradise Island, in the Bahamas; in the United States; on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius; and in the Middle East.

Vegas vs. Video Games

''Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas,'' which has players fighting against terrorists on the Vegas Strip, has Las Vegas marketers worried about the image it portrays.
 ''It could be harmful economically, and it may be something that's not entitled to free speech [protection],'' Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman says of the game's gruesomely realistic scenes, which he had not viewed personally.

Gaming from Abroad

Online gambling is at an all-time high. What's in store for gaming sites in the next five years? Perhaps the traditional games will take on a more Eastern flavor.
 Right now the world goes to Las Vegas to gamble, the biggest poker tournaments are held in Europe and the U.S., and the biggest online gambling sites have mainly American gambling themes. After Las Vegas's legalization of gambling on March 19, 1931, the city exploded into a gambling mecca, a title that it has unofficially held for almost 75 years.

The Changing Trends In And Demographic Profiles Of The Casino Market

 The gaming industry is an increasingly significant part of the resort business. My blog profiles the market for gamin and identifies how to plan, staff, manage and control a casino for maximum profitability.
 THE GAMING MARKET By 2003 the U.S. gaming market of $72.9 billion was distributed in this way:  

Casino Management - Casio Organizational Structure


One of the keys to success for a casino, or any business venture, is the effectiveness of the management team. The experience and organization of the management team have a direct impact on the profitability of the casino operation. The mission of this blog is to present and discuss the organizational structure of a typical casino and hotel along with descriptions of

The Biggest U.S. Casino

Las Vegas is the unofficial gaming capital of the world. It's estimated that more than 25 million people visit Las Vegas every year. The desert gaming oasis is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S.
 The ''main street'' of the Las Vegas gaming empire is the Las Vegas Strip. Once it was nothing more than a highway through the Mojave Desert that connected Las Vegas to Los

Who Goes to Casinos?

When surveying the slot machine room at a casino, it's easy to simplify and categorize—it seems that many players are people who are too poor to gamble, people who are spending money they don't have in the hopes of achieving an impossible dream. Don't casinos prey on the poor, after all? Not necessarily.