Check In Procedure for Delay Passengers

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Check in guest promptly, courteously without many hassles.

Normally, delayed passengers come in by coach together. To avoid congestion at the lobby, always arrange a function room for their check in. If the arrivals are scattered, proceed to the check in at the reception counter. 

Block or assign all the rooms needed for the check in into the system under airline’s name.

If guest/group checks in without a voucher for the hotel, then we should check in first and verify later with the airport representatives if he’ll be coming over to standby. If not follow-up on getting for the billing.
If guest checks in with a hotel voucher, then collect the voucher and verify on the billing. To issue necessary coupons for guest meals if any stated on the hotel voucher.

Hand a blank registration card to the delay passengers for them to fill up.

Ensure sure that they have put down their names in full, passport number and signs on the registration card.
If possible to check with guest their mode of payment and have their credit card  

Before the keys and the meal coupon (if any) is handed over to the guest, to brief the delay passengers about the items that will be payable by the airlines (i.e. room and meals only). All other expenses (telephone calls, laundry, minibar consumption and etc) will have to be noted to them that it’s on their own personal account.

Lines for telephones in the room to be barred, if payment is by cash. (This depends on the type of guests we’re getting).(Guest didn’t pay deposit)

If lines are barred, to inform guest to make their calls at the Business Center on cash

Remember to inform the guest that they are required to check out at the F/O cashier to return the room key before they leave for the airport.

As soon as the delayed passengers had physically checked in to the hotel, do a count referring to the information on the registration card to confirm the number of rooms and pax they have checked in.
If passengers are here for meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) immediately inform the F&B and Chef about the confirming number of pax for meals.

Strictly do not encourage delay passengers to call for Room Service due to the amount of passengers calling for Room Service will/might be too much to cope at a time    
Based on the information on the registration card, key in to the system the following room numbers assigned for individual guest.

Raised or prepare the delay passengers guest list and distribute the list to respective department/outlets.

Reception                                          BellService
Credit                                                Coffee House
F/O cashier                                       Room Service
Security                                             Telephone Department
Business Center                              Assistant Manager

If there’s any hotel vouchers collected upon check in, to photocopy each voucher and the originals to the Credit Department The photocopy should be attached to the registration card for the F/O cashier’s info.

Necessary comments are to be keyed in to the individual guest folio pertaining the

Ensure that the special billing is created on all folios if there’s separate folio for: Room, Meals, Incidentals, telephone calls (IDD) if any.



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