Club Management

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Electronic Commerce Strategy at Malone Golf Club

Derek Sprague, general manager of the Malone Golf Club, pondered
changes in the marketing and distribution strategy for his club for
the upcoming season. The Malone Golf Club had made significant
progress in the past three years. The club completed the construction of a new
clubhouse, made minor design changes to several of the 36 holes that make
up the two golf courses, and upgraded the food and beverage offerings of the
The Malone Golf Club operates as a semiprivate club, offering both annual

What would you do if you were Chantel?

Chantel managed a bar near a college campus. She was active in her business community and served on the college’s Advisory Board for Responsible Drinking. All servers and bartenders in her facility underwent a mandatory four-hour alcohol service training program before their employment and took a required refresher course each year. Each server was certified in responsible alcohol service by a national trade association program.

If you were the president of the association, what would you do?

After the highly publicized death of a college student, a local sports bar lost its liquor license for 60 days. The student had consumed 21 shots of alcohol on his birthday at the bar and died from alcohol poisoning. The bar was crowded that night, and because shots were purchased by many of the victim’s friends, the bar manager and staff were unaware of the problem. The college newspaper published editorials warning against the perils of binge drinking and accusing the manager of negligence or indifference.

What would you do if you were the manager?

Christina was 16 years old when she was hired to work as a busser. On her first day of work, the supervisor detailed the job’s requirements during their 15-minute training session. Christina was to remove soiled dishes, take them to a side station, and scrape any leftover food into a garbage receptacle. Periodically, she was to bring the dishes to the kitchen and take the garbage receptacle to a designated area, where she would remove the plastic trash bag and replace it with an empty one.

What would you do if you were a jury member in the discrimination trial?

Cruz owns and manages a bar and dance club serving Cuban-style. cuisine. It has a dance floor, small tables, and outstanding food.

Cruz’s clientele consists mainly of 20- to 40-year-old males who like the club for
its good food and young female servers. The club advertises to women, families, and young men, but the facility’s reputation includes the attractiveness of the servers, which is influenced by their uniforms.

What would you do if you were Rosa?

The Fox Mountain Country Club was a popular location for weddings in a midsized town. In winter, the country club offered a free coat check service operated by a staff member.

At a banquet function, Rosa gave her full-length sable coat to the uniformed coat
check attendant. She was given a small plastic tag with a number that corresponded to the number on the coat hanger where her coat was hung. Rosa remarked to the attendant that the coat was “very valuable” and she hoped the attendant would protect  it carefully.

Purchasing Agent

Duties: Purchases all food and controllable items    

Alternate Title(s): Purchasing Manager; Purveyor Manager

Salary Range: $10 an hour to $55,000 a year      

Employment Prospects: Good     

Advancement Prospects: Good     

Awareness, trial, and usage

A grouping of three types of questions, awareness,
trial, and usage, is used in marketing research to
determine some of the behavioral characteristics
of consumers. Awareness refers to the presence of
the product or brand in the consumer’s mind. This
variable is measured in a variety of ways, ranging
from simply asking a survey respondent if he or she
is aware of a specific product or brand through
asking the respondent to list the types of products
or brands that come to mind. The second method
is particularly powerful because it elicits the