Delivery of Morning Tea or Coffee--butler Training Guide

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Butlers will serve Morning Tea/Coffee in coordination with time given guest upon making call arrangement. This service will be delivered punctually and done professionally and courteously.


Review the Morning Call Record Sheet for expected delivery time of Coffee/Tea for morning call for today.

Review the Morning Call Record Sheet as to type of Coffee/tea to be delivered to the specified room.

Ensure the amount of setup and coffee/tea is in coordination with request.

Ensure the condiments are ready to go together with coffee/tea.  The condiments are:

Sugar bowl with sugar sachets (white, brown and equal sugar)

Jug of milk, or cream

Note on plan of timing for delivery of Coffee/Tea and enter in Alarm Clock.

Upon designated time of delivery, knock the door of guestroom and delivery the coffee/tea.  

“Good Morning again, Mr. Barry, May I come in to deliver your Black Coffee?”


If guest permits, enter the room and place coffee/tea along with condiments.

 “Thank You” whilst entering.

“Where would you like me to place it?”

“Can I be of any further assistance, Mr. Barry?”

Excuse yourself when leaving room:

“Have a pleasant day! Mr. Barry.”

Butlers shall collect any served coffee/tea cups out of guest room in an hour.





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