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Interior Designer

Duties: Creates and helps implement the interior design and decor of a hotel, resort, cruise ship, casino, restaurant, bar, retail establishment, museum, or other commercial property     

Alternate Title(s): Registered Interior Designer      

Salary Range: $19,000 to $67,000+   

A Day In The Life Of A Hilton Hotel General Manager

I often have heard that professionals in the hotel business enjoy it because every day is different. While I find this to be a huge understatement, I, too, enjoy this business for the same reason.
 My day begins with a large cup of coffee. I like to arrive at work early so I can walk the property and greet the early-morning team members and check on the daily banquet functions.

Applying the STEM Process in Hospitality Management

A process can be implemented that will help reduce employee errors and omissions and, therefore, litigation and liability. The process is called STEM, for select, teach, educate, and manage. It works like this:
1. Select: Managers can begin reducing litigation by selecting the right employee for the right job. Managers cannot hire “ just anyone ” at the last minute. Employees must be selected

Eight Steps to Follow When Drawing Up Contracts

1. Get it in writing.
The single most important thing a hospitality manager can do to avoid contract breach is to get all contracts in writing whenever possible. Many hospitality contracts are, by their nature, verbal contracts. Generally speaking, however, the verbal contracts for dining reservations or food delivery tend to be rather simple ones. When the relationship between the

Bed and Breakfast Owner Profile: Jim Holder

Jim and Brenda Holder are the owners of the Historic Hayes House Bed and Breakfast in Muskogee, Oklahoma. (Visit http:// to learn more about the inn.)    

Q. Can you please tell us a little about yourself and the h istoric h ayes house?   
a. My wife Brenda and I bought Hayes House in 1996 as our home to retire to. I had been in the ministry for 30 years and lived in a parsonage for all those years. We had no home of

A Day In The General Manager's Life

You've made it! It is officially your turn. This is what you have worked for your entire career, the golden carrot, the title of general manager. So what is so different? No matter what position(s) prepared you for this goal, it is all yours now. Total responsibility for the profit and loss statement and the success of the entire operation is in your hands. This is your opportunity to lead the senior management team in achieving the desires of the ownership, the management company, or both. You are now setting the tone for the operation and

A typical day of Bed and Breakfast Owners

There’s more to running a bed and breakfast than just checking in customers, making breakfast, and cleaning rooms. And if you don’t believe it, just talk to innkeeper Martha Hall, who says that a day in the life of an innkeeper can be both challenging and rewarding. Martha is the owner of The Arcadian Inn Bed & Breakfast in Edmond, Oklahoma.   
The inn has been named the best bed and breakfast in Oklahoma nine times by the readers of The Oklahoman (the largest newspaper in the state).

How to write a hotel business plan: free sample business plans

Writing a hotel business plan before investing any money in the venture is important to help you identify what opportunities you have in the lodging industry. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Writing a hotel business plan before investing any money in the venture is important to help you identify what-if any-opportunities you have in the lodging industry. A properly written