END OF THE DAY--housekeeping training

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1)Return your trolley to
its storage place in the service area.


2)Remove all the dirty
linen from the linen bag and place it in the linen trolley for the linen
runner to collect.


3)Remove the rubbish bag
from the trolley and tie a knot in it. 
Place it neatly next to the black bin in the service area for


4)Attach a new rubbish bag
to your trolley.


5)Refill your trolley so
that it is ready for the next day.







6)Check the bag of your
vacuum cleaner and change it if necessary.




7)Tidy your pantry and
service area and bleep your Supervisor so your work can be inspected.

8)Give your assignment to
your Supervisor to sign.





in your keys and sign them in noting the time.





must you check to make sure you remove?



must you tie a knot in it?








is it better to refill it at the end of the day?







is it important to change the vacuum cleaner bag before it gets overfilled?




is it important to always keep the pantry and service area neat and tidy?

does it mean when your assignment has been signed?





Why is it important to note the time?




any debris at the bottom of the bag such as rubbish, fruit, newspaper bags etc.


a secure knot in the top so that the rubbish does not fall out and litter the






the trolley at the end of the day saves time in the morning.  Remove ALL items such as fruit, other food
items and lost and found items from the trolley (they should have already
been given to your Supervisor the moment they were found!)


the vacuum cleaner bag is not changed before it gets too full, the vacuum
cleaner will become blocked and the motor will over heat.


machines are available in the service areas for guests to help themselves at
any time of day so it is vital that all areas are always kept clean

your assignment has been signed it indicates that your work has been inspected
and approved and you are able to go downstairs to the Housekeeping office.


Noting the time is important for security
reasons.  Imagine if someone somehow takes
your master key after you have handed it in and uses it to get into a guestroom
to take something.  The lock will then be
read to see what time the incident happened. 
As you noted the time you handed the keys in, you will be covered..


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