Engineering & Maintenance

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Hotel Chief Engineer Job Description

JOB OVERVIEW:           
Develop, implement and manage emergency programs for the operation and maintenance of all equipment and physical structures and landscaping in compliance with corporate/franchise standards, local, state and national codes and regulations to protect the asset, guests and employees, to ensure optimum operations, minimize expenses and maximize customer satisfaction.         

Computers In Hospitality Management

Throughout most of this text, manual systems of financial control have been discussed
and demonstrated. The materials within the text are not intended to impart
financial accounting expertise, but to make the reader familiar with certain
basic accounting procedures and managerial applications to assist management
in the decision-making process.
Today, most hospitality businesses in hotels, motels, food service, and beverage
operations are using computers to record, report, and analyze the effectiveness

Storage Equipment: Dry And Refrigerated

Any type of foodservice facility begins its food preparation process at the back door, by receiving and storing the raw materials. Food, beverages, and supplies must all be accounted for and properly stored until they’re needed. There are two basic types of storage: dry and refrigerated.    
Dry storage is for canned goods, paper products, and anything else that doesn’t need to be kept cold. Refrigerated storage is for items that must be kept chilled or frozen until used.       

The New Gold Standard of Ritz-Carlton : The Ultimate Guest Experience

As suggested in article 6, customer satisfaction
is not enough to ensure business success.
Recent research has shown that customers who
are only “satisfied” with a company’s service are far less
likely than customers who are “extremely satisfied” to
remain loyal to that business. Specifically, this literature
found that customers who reported they were “extremely
satisfied” with a business were two and one-half
times more likely to make future purchases from that
company when compared to customers who rated their

Construction and Services

1. Doors and windows: entrance design
1.1 Entrances
Requirements for entrances are detailed in sections 1.13-1.15. In addition to providing for convenient ingress and egress - including fire-escape requirements - entrances serve a vital merchandising role (providing identity, views of interior, reassurance of standards). The main entrance and its surrounds are subject to close scrutiny and evaluation. Standards of quality (of construction and door furniture) and maintenance are critical.

1.2 Internal doors


The engineering department is a vital part of
a hotel. Energy cost alone runs anywhere
from 4 to 6 percent of a property’s total operation
budget. Savings in energy cost can be
accomplished by instituting simple steps such
as modifying staff members’ behavior (Dale
and Kluga, 1992). How can financial data be
used to continuously improve the performance
of the engineering department? To answer
this question, a survey was performed to
collect data from hotel engineers to determine
their use of financial information. It is