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At the other extreme is a software system that is oriented to a single application.
If software is application-oriented, it is generally designed to handle one
specific type of job and does not allow much integration. An example is a payroll
system that is not integrated with labor cost budgeting or a food inventories
control system that is not integrated with purchasing and food costing.
Due to their relative simplicity, application-oriented software systems can
be easily evaluated to determine whether they will perform precisely the jobs

Design-Build and its Future in the Hospitality Business

Business and personal travel have made a dramatic rebound and hotel owners need to get properties into operation quickly. Lodging Econometrics predicts a 1.4 percent increase in hospitality supply over the current year followed by an additional 1.9 percent in 2007. To add capacity while trends are strong and there’s money to be made, more owners are turning to design-build. And with good reason.          

Systems management

Aims and objectives
The aim of systems management is to enable unit managers to
recognize the importance of the inter-relationship between
efficiency, effectiveness and economic performance. The
choice of systems and the way in which they are integrated
and implemented will significantly influence operational

The aims of system management are:
- to define the determinants of successful operation
- to identify key systems and sub-systems
- to recognize the influence of management and organizational

Hotel Engineer Pocket Guide

1. TV Console Cloning Information Card 2
2. Remote Control & Keyboard Test Procedures Card 3
3. Keyboard & Remote Battery Replacement Card 4
4. Keyboard & Remote Cleaning Procedure Card 5
5. Setup (Red) Remote Usage Card 6
6. In Room Troubleshooting by Symptom Cards 78
7. Commander Removal & Replacement Procedure Card 9
8. IRU II Removal Procedure Card 10
9. IRU II Replacement Procedure Card 11
10. Catalyst 2 Troubleshooting by Symptom Cards 1213
11. Catalyst 2 Removal & Replacement Procedure Card 14
12. NonReporting

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Quick Facts: Computer and Information Systems Managers


2010 Median Pay

$115,780 per year
$55.67 per hour

Entry-Level Education

Bachelor's degree

Work Experience in a Related Occupation

More than 5 years

On-the-job Training


Number of Jobs, 2010


Job Outlook, 2010-20

18% (About as fast as average)

Employment Change, 2010-20


Kitchen Design Principles

Owners and managers of restaurants are constantly bombarded with new ideas, concepts, and plans for using their kitchen space wisely by reducing operating costs or increasing productivity. Appliances, gadgets, and space savers of all sorts may be tempting, but if you don’t have a kitchen that is well planned in the first place, you may be throwing money away by purchasing them.          
The three basic kitchen-related costs (and the ways to reduce them) are:         

Hotel Operation Manual - Hotel Property Management

BPA Hotel Professional is a product of Business Software Solutions Inc.. The most important thing to an owner of a business is to provide a quality product or service to his customers. BPA Hotel Professional was designed to enhance this process by providing rich functionality in an easy, user friendly environment.    

Electronic distribution

Technology fulfils a number of roles in hospitality and tourism,
acting as ‘a creator, protector, enhancer, focal point and/
or destroyer of the tourism experience’ (Stipanuk 1993: 267).
However, many believe that technology’s greatest impact on
this industry is on how the product is being sold. Electronic
channels of distribution, particularly those enabled by the
Internet, have forever changed the way in which tourism suppliers
interact with the customer. This is clearly an operations
management issue, as well as a marketing one.