An Estimated Cost of R&M

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Before a repair and maintenance budget can be determined for a comprehensive, cost effective maintenance program, you must know what you're maintaining. The, how to setup the program, will follow after collecting this information. This documentation is not to be confused with component and equipment data records. The first step to estimating the costs of maintenance is identifying majors building components by -
- Location, name, area or room number
- Type
- Estimated size – Sq. Ft, etc.

A sample list of these major building components would be -

- Walls - siding, curtain wall, etc.
- Canopies
- Roof – modified bit, built-up, etc.

- Columns accessible and exposed
- Slabs accessible and exposed
- Shafts and Stairwells
- Penetrations doors, windows, ventilation, etc.
- Floor Coverings carpet, stone, tile, etc.
- Wall Treatment vinyl, paint, panel, etc.
- Ceiling Treatment tile, stucco, paint, etc.

Once the major building components are documented the individual infrastructure systems are identified and recorded. General details of infrastructure systems -
- Size
- Type
- Code requirements

A list of common infrastructure systems may include -
- Electrical
- Lighting
- Access Control
- Environmental Control
- Life Safety Systems
- Communications
- Voice and Data
- Data
- Plumbing
- Irrigation Systems
- Gas
- Vertical transportation
- Vacuum

Lastly, identification of individual pieces of FF/E must be documented. Keep in mind that this exercise is to collect basic data for the purpose of estimating the costs of labour and basic parts/material for maintenance tasks. At this point a decision will be necessary. What will be the extent of costing detail for the FF/E
- basic - by group?
- intermediate - by group and partial detail?
- advanced - by Individual building components and equipment?

Tasks and Pricing
When you know what is to be maintained, you must decide the level of maintenance to be researched and priced. As the level of maintenance increases, so will the attention to detail. Here are three possible levels to consider -

1. Basic Level - OEM/AHJ tasks with common replacement parts -
- grouped building components and equipment
- infrastructure systems

2. Intermediate Level - OEM/AHJ tasks and common replacement parts for primary -
- building components and equipment
- infrastructure systems

3. Advanced Level - OEM/AHJ/site specific tasks and common replacement parts for primary and secondary -
- building components and equipment
- FF/E
- infrastructure systems

The maintenance spreadsheet will change with the addition of new equipment and/or best practices. By starting with the basic or intermediate level, then over time adding data to the spreadsheet will make the process more manageable and less overwhelming.

Once the department human resources and estimated cost of maintaining building components, infrastructure and FF/E is established, the next step is setting-up the program.

A closer look at “How to Setup the Program” will follow in the later postings.


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