Finance & Accounting

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Randy Smith–Making Hotel Benchmarking Possible

Whether one is trying to determine if a city can support a new convention hotel, researching a hotel’s ability to meet debt service payments and generate an acceptable return on investment, or developing a new marketing strategy to increase RevPAR, Smith Travel Research (STR) touches the lives of just about everyone in the lodging business. Its reports are invaluable to hotel developers, investors, lenders, and operators as they provide critical market and competitive information and help decision makers more accurately plan and execute their business strategies.

Charles Warczak: Moving Ahead With The Help Of Relationships And Numbers

Charles Warczak is currently the chief financial officer for Sunburst Hospitality Corporation. How he rose to this position is an interesting story. Charles strongly believes in maintaining relationships and never burning bridges. After all, he says, ‘‘Aside from having a good grasp of the numbers, I have gotten to where I am today because of the mentors who guided me as I climbed up the corporate ladder.’’       

Clare Sullivan Jackson On Relationships, Risk , And Reward

Clare Sullivan Jackson believes that three Rs have driven her career to where it is today: relationships, risk, and reward. Over the years, her relationships have led her to one opportunity after another. She constantly pushes herself to step outside her comfort zone because she believes that with greater risk comes greater reward. The risks she has taken to date have paid off handsomely to the point where she now has both the time and the money for her philanthropic efforts, which she loves. According to Clare, her real reward is her ability to give back to others.