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How to Handle Enquiries on Hotel Guest


More often than not, a lot of inquiries made at the reception  regarding the hotel guests. Security measures are a great concern here. At any  point of time, no information on a hotel guest can  be  revealed  to  anyone unless with the consent of the supervisory level or management. Most  of the time, this is dealt on a case to case basis.


In the event of an inquiry of a hotel guest, the following step  must  be observed:

Check In With a VIP Reservation

Head of State, ministers, important government officials or top executives of major companies and all guests taking suite rooms and  Club Floor are considered VIP.
All VIPs to be met at the lobby by GRO/GRM/AM/FOM (if necessary GM/RM) and to be escorted up to room immediately.
All VIPs must be given extra attention to details:
The room or suites must be pre-assigned or blocked before the guest arrival.
All special arrangements (i.e. flowers, fruits and etc.) must be in order (placed in the room) before guest check in.

Tour or Group Arrivals

A reservation of 5 rooms (10 pax and above) above is automatically considered a group. Normally, a lot is taken up especially with tour groups.


A lot of guests shall be involved, therefore, careful planning must be made to ensure a smooth check in process without much hassle.


Pre-block or assign the rooms for all guests preferably on the same block. This can speed up the luggages to the guest room by the bellman.    

Points to Watch for a Potential Skipper

A skipper is one who leaves the Hotel without  paying  his  accounts  or bills.

Watch out for:

No reservation or reservation made by SELF on the same day.

No company's name or name not known to hotel.

No luggage or light luggages.

Talks with a loud voice, abusive or drunk
Has a bad handwriting. Insufficient address and do not want to register.
Impatient behavior
Claims to be person of important but not able to substantiate

How to Handle the Airline Delayed Passengers


DO NOT DELAY in information the FOM/Assistant Manager in the event.

In the event of a flight delayed, the airport personnel will call up the hotel to find out if they are able to accommodate the delay passengers for that flight.

If this happens, immediately look for someone superior (FOM/Assistant Manager) to take the call.

Mode Of Payment

Credit card         
Get guest credit card and slid it through the E3000 machine to get an approval code. Wait for the approval code print out. If no print out, to take a manual imprint so that you can call up the centre for the approval code.

All ‘walk in’ guest, ‘self booking’ and Corporate company reservations guest who had very light luggage upon check in, to collect sufficient cash. For the total number of room nights. (in this basis, collect more cash per night or more 500RMB)

Check In Procedure for Delay Passengers



Check in guest promptly, courteously without many hassles.

Normally, delayed passengers come in by coach together. To avoid congestion at the lobby, always arrange a function room for their check in. If the arrivals are scattered, proceed to the check in at the reception counter. 

Block or assign all the rooms needed for the check in into the system under airline’s name.

Authorization Letter

It is a billing form authorizing the hotel to charge, hotel  bills  into guest's account as in some cases, hotel  guest  may  have  some  special request such as they wish to bear all  charges    of their guest or colleagues staying in the same hotel.
Verify with the paying guest, as to whether he will be paying all charges or specific charges

Rooming a Guest


Address the guest by name and explain the facilities of the hotel.


Greetings, Mr./Ms. Brown, I am Mary. May I show you to your room?

Address the guest by name and explain the facilities of the hotel.
While escorting guest to the room, give a brief introduction(TRY NOT TO MAKE IT SOUND LIKE A TAPE) of the hotel (outlets, pool and operating hours) to the guest.