Hotel Back flow prevention

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All water distribution systems are designed to
keep the water flowing from the distribution system
to the customer. However, when hydraulic
conditions within the system deviate from the
‘normal’ conditions, water flow can be reversed.
When this back flow happens, contaminated
water can enter the distribution system. Back
flow can be prevented by the installation of a
device or assembly that uses valves, in different
configurations, to prevent polluted or contaminated
water from reversing direction and flowing
In the case of hotels or restaurants, the devices
are used to prevent the property’s water system
from over pressurizing and forcing the water
back into the municipality’s system. In the
United States and most other countries, laws
and/or regulations require that water suppliers
protect their water systems from contamination.
In most cases, regulations exempt single-family
residences used solely for residential purposes
from assembly requirements. However, residences
used for other purposes, including hotels, are
required to install and maintain back flow
prevention assemblies.
Generally the back flow prevention assembly
is installed in the main water line to a building
just after the water meter. Typically, annual or
bi-annual testing of the assembly is required by
the appropriate agency or fines can be incurred,
including having the water turned off at the

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