Housekeeping Training – Answering Telephone

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1)Answer the telephone within 3 rings.


2)Greet the guest by name with a smile.


3)Listen to the request of the person calling.

4)Write the request down in the daily message log book.

What should you do if you are on the other line?

How should you answer the phone?

How do you find out the guest name?

How do you answer the telephone if it is internal?

Why must you write down the request as the person is speaking?

What important information should be noted with each call?

If you are already on the telephone, answer it and then put the guest on hold.

Apologize when you return to the line.

“Housekeeping, how may I help you this morning / afternoon / evening, Mr. /Ms. XXXX?”

The guest name is on the telephone screen when he/she call from the room.

“Housekeeping, good morning / afternoon / evening, how may I help you.”

Do not rely on your memory.  Write everything down, especially the room number if it is for a guest request.

Write down the time the person called, the extension/room number, the request, who asked for the request, who received the request, who the request was passed to, and the time the request was passed on.




STEPS TRAINING QUESTIONSSTANDARDS5) If it is a guest that called, thank the guest for calling and wish him/her a pleasant day.   6) After 15 minutes, call the guest and ask if the item asked for has been received. How should you thank the guest?       Why should you follow up with the guest? “Thank you, Mr./s XXXXX for calling Housekeeping, have a nice day.” Let the guest hang up first.   Following up all calls with guests to ensure that their request has been received is the essence of quality service.  If something had gone wrong and the guest had not received the item asked for, he/she will be a lot happier if you called to check than if he/she had to call and ask again.  

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