Housekeeping Training - Cleaning A Balcony

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1) Sweep the balcony floor with a dustpan and brush.


2) Using a bucket of warm water and a splash of multi surface cleaner, mop the floor.



3) Wipe down all the balcony furniture.


Why does the floor need to be brushed before it is washed?


How do you remove any pigeon dirt that doesn’t clean off with a mop?


What must you remember?


Why must the balcony furniture be wiped down?

The balconies are situated at the end of each wing; they need to be cleaned upon arrival or as requested by the Floor Supervisors.

Pigeons like to make a mess on the balcony floors and canopies so they need to be checked frequently and cleaned if necessary.

Brushing the floor removes any lose dirt and sand that has blown onto the balcony.

To remove any stubborn pigeon dirt, use a metal spatula which can be borrowed from Engineering, or any other suitable item.

Do not forget to clean the corners and the bar that runs across the wall of the balcony.

The furniture becomes dusty so we must remember to wipe down the furniture in case the guests get dust on their clothes.




STEPS TRAINING QUESTIONSSTANDARDS4) Dry your shoes before entering back into the room.       5) Close the windows using the handle and not the glass.     6) Ensure the sliding door is properly locked.             Why must you dry your shoes?         Why is it important to use the handle to close the window?     Why is  it important to make sure the door is locked properly? Your shoes may be wet from moping the floor, if you walk directly into the suite without wiping your feet, you will leave dirty foot marks on the carpet.   Closing the window with your hand on the glass will leave finger marks on the glass.   For safety reasons it is important to ensure that the sliding door is securely locked.   Make sure the dirty water is disposed of correctly in the service area toilets and not in the sink or toilets of any of the suites!

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