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Handling Request for Reservations--butler Training Guide

Standard: Butlers will accept all requests with regard to Hotel Reservations for St. Regis Shanghai or other Starwood Hotels & Resorts in a professional and courteous manner. They will not transfer responsibility to Reservations associate but will request assistance politely from them in order to personally deliver and fulfill Guest request.


Upon receiving a request that requires Reservations, accept the responsibility of the request, record all required information and acknowledge to Guest that it will be done.

Requesting Assistance with Associates--butler Training Guide


To Politely and Professional request assistance of a fellow associate in order to deliver the service to Guests. To maintain a good working relationship and continue cooperation in the future with all Associates.


Whenever we require asking for assistance from your associate we will use empathy and understanding in the way we voice and communicate our request(s).

We will use words and phrases along with facial expressions that portray a asking for help rather than a command. The following words and phrases will be used often.

Follow-up on Requests--butler Training Guide


All Requests from Guests will be follow-up within 3 minutes by a follow-up call to the associate who receive the initial request. Purpose is to inform of delivery and satisfaction from Guests and a thank you for your assistance.


Upon each request made from a Guest, the Butler will call the Command Center Butler to inform that the service was delivered and Guests is satisfied with the results.

You will contact the associate within 10 minutes after initial request received and immediately after delivery to Guests.

How to Polish a Guest Shoes--butler Training Guide

Standard: Butlers will accept request for Shoe Shining/Cleaning Service from Guest. They will ensure that the standard for shoeshine is maintained and inspect shoes before returning completed service to the Guests.


Upon receiving a request to polish/clean Guest shoes, acknowledge to Guest and ask if they require any required time for completion.

 “Mr. Jones, Do you require your shoes at any designated time?”

All Shoe Shine request shall be completed in 20 minutes time.

In Room Dining Request--butler Training Guide


All Floor Butlers will be knowledgeable about all In-Room Dining menus in order to take orders and special requests. Be able to make suggestions and recommendations when deemed necessary. All Room Service orders will be handled friendly and efficient way.



Review the In-Room Dining menu twice a week and write down any questions and concerns and report to the Chief Butler or Shift leaders. They will forward all questions to Executive Chef and answers will be return the following day.

How to Pack or Unpack Guest Luggage--butler Training Guide


 Butlers will provide Unpacking service upon arrival and Packing service prior to departure to Guests.


Upon Guests arrival Butlers will offer to unpack their luggage.

Mr. Jones, Would you like me to unpack your luggage?”


Although most guests will not require this service, if the request is made the Butler will provide an enthusiastic attitude to complete the service.

Collection of guest dry cleaning and laundry--butler Training Guide

Butlers must collect guest dry cleaning/laundry within 10 minutes of guest’s request.  Butler should hand over collected guest dry cleaning/laundry to Laundry Attendant for cleaning.


Upon receiving the call from Command Center or guest, proceed to guestroom promptly and collect the laundry.

Ensure Laundry Sheet is filled up with correct room number and name of guest.

Bring guest laundry to floor pantry and check its quantity and possible damage of clothes.  Mark note on the Laundry Sheet if any.

Handling D.N.D Room--butler Training Guide

Guest privacy must be respected all the time.  Procedure must be followed consistently so that our service could be provided in professional manner.

Daily cleaning of guest room under DND:

Butler shall report any DND room to his Shift Leader, and remain the room not disturbed before 16:00 hours every day.

Butler shall pay attention to the DND room and advise Room Attendant to clean the room if guest removes the DND signage.

24-Hour Personal Butler Service--butler Training Guide

Personal Butler refers to Butler who is specifically assigned to a guest so as to provide 24-hours one-to-one butler service whenever the guest requires through his/her stay with the St. Regis Shanghai.

The Personal Butler shall be assigned to the guests of the following kinds:
Guest of our top suites:.