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Delivery of Laundry or Dry Cleaning--butler Training Guide


Butlers will accept and deliver all Laundry & Dry Cleaning Request in a Professional and courteous manner.


Pantry Delivery:

The pantry delivery shall be conducted by both Laundry Attendant and designated Butler/shift leaders.

The cleaned guest laundry items shall be delivered to one of the Floor Butler’s workstations, which is the pantry room on the floors.

All cleaned guest laundry items shall be placed in the pantry’s closet, either by hanging or placing into the laundry box.

Handling Of Extra Bed Request--butler Training Guide

Butlers will handle guest’s having extra bed request courteously and professionally.  Butler will provide accurate information related to extra bed service and follow up with Reception and Room Attendant for proper action.



Last minute request by guest:

Butler shall be aware of extra bed charge per bed per night and always notify guest upon they request to have extra bed.

Butler shall inform Reception of guest’s extra bed request for purpose of adding the bill to guest folio on daily basis.

Set Up Welcome Fruit For Arrival Rooms--butler Training Guide


All arrival guestrooms must be cleaned and set up with fresh fruits.  All welcome fruits shall be placed into pre-blocked guest room before guest’s arrival by Room Attendants and inspected by Floor Butlers.



Butler will print out next day’s arrival report every day  and obtain the maximum figure of number of fruit plate required for the next day’s arrival rooms.

The type of fruit plate shall be based on room category.

How to Handle a Request of Sexual Content--butler Training Guide

Standard: All Butler will respond in a Professional & Courteous manner to all Sexual Content Requests. All Butlers will not solicit or coordinate any activity of sexual nature to any Guests and any time.


There maybe times that a Guests will make a request to a Butler involving sexual in nature. For example:

“Rika, You been so nice and helpful during my stay. I would like to thank you for all your assistance. Would you like to join me for dinner tonight? You can help me choose which restaurant is good”

How to Handle Maintenance Problems--butler Training Guide

Standard: Butlers will have basic knowledge on how to answer questions about Maintenance problems in the Guest room, and able to complete some basic steps in resolving them.


Butlers will be trained by Engineering Associates to have basic knowledge of key areas in Guest Room in order to answer and resolve some simple problems.

Such problems of the following will be handle initially by the Butlers:

Safe Deposit Box not working

Air Conditioning/Heater Controls and Atmosphere

Lighting Controls