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Butler Information Whiteboard--butler Training Guide


One piece of white board is located in every butler’s pantry room, which is served as place of recording guest information of particular floors.  Butler is responsible for updating guest information on the white board on a shift basis.


The information white board contains the following information regarding to in-house/arrival guest on particular floors:

Guest name

Room number

Room status



Personal bar

Complimentary pressing

Daily Briefing with Room Attendant--butler Training Guide


Effective communication between Butler and RA is vital for providing qualified service to guests.  Butler shall conduct morning briefing with his/her floor’s RA on the daily basis for giving out instruction and information.


  1. Butler shall prepare his daily briefing with RA upon commencing the daily duty.

  2. Upon RA reaches the assigned floor, Butler shall brief RA of following information:

Which floors are you in?

Which floors is butler in?

How to Handle Morning Call Requests--butler Training Guide

Standard: Butlers will record guest’s morning call request.  Butlers will also offer morning coffee/tea service to guests upon their making call arrangement.  The information should be taken down accurately and handover to Command Center to make the arrangement.

Upon receiving morning call request from guest, take down the following information:
Guest room number
Wake-up call time of the day or the next day
You may double check the room number by addressing guest by his name according to information record.

Greeting as Lobby Butler--butler Training Guide


Lobby Butler shall make himself presented at the lobby during regulated hours of the day to provide greetings to all and coordinate Floor Butler’s in-room check-in service for all arrival guests.    


  1. At least one Butler shall be assigned as Lobby Butler / Greeter who shall permanently station himself/herself in the lobby during his/her duty hours.