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1)Collect your cleaning equipment for cleaning the dining room.



2)Prepare the dining room for cleaning.





3)Pick up rubbish lying around the restaurant.


4)Brush and wipe seats and tables.







5)Dust furniture and fixtures.



6)Clean and polish glass.

8)Sweep edges of carpets and hard floors.




9)Clean hard floors.




10)Remove food residue and spills from carpets.







11)Use the carpet sweep on the carpet, or vacuum it as applicable.





12)Clean and store all equipment in the Public area storeroom.

What equipment is needed?




How do you prepare the dining room?








Why must the seats and table legs be brushed and wiped?






How should you dust the furniture and fixtures?


How should you clean and polish the glass?

How should you sweep the edges of the carpets and hard floors?




How do you clean the hard floors?




How should you remove food residue and spills from the carpet?







If you are using a vacuum cleaner, what should you remember about the cord?



How should you vacuum?

Collect discard cloths from the linen room, a carpet sweeper, glass cleaner, a broom and a dustpan and brush.


Turn on as many lights as are available so you cab see what you are doing and open any drapes that are closed to allow natural light to enter the room.





It is necessary to brush and wipe the seats and table legs as crumbs and other food deposits can get dropped here.  Dust also develops quickly on the table base from the movement of feet on the carpet or floor.


Dust with a clean damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.


Glass areas include picture glass, entrance doors, glass light fixtures, lanterns and the inside of windows.


Wipe the glass with a cloth and warm water and detergent solution or glass cleaner solution.  Rinse with a clean damp cloth and polish the glass with a clean dry cloth. Or see task on how to polish glass.

Use a stiff broom to sweep debris from the corners, pay special attention to the hard to reach areas as they may build up a food residue that might attract pests.


See tasks on “How to sweep floors”, How to dry mop floors” and “How to mop floors.”


Look for ground in food or beverage spills – the carpet sweep will not remove the greasy residue of food that has been ground into the carpet.


Spot the carpet (see task on “How to spot a carpet”)


Plug in the vacuum cleaner near the door and make sure the cord is placed so no one trips over it.


See task “How to vacuum a carpet.”


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