How to Handle Enquiries on Hotel Guest

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More often than not, a lot of inquiries made at the reception  regarding the hotel guests. Security measures are a great concern here. At any  point of time, no information on a hotel guest can  be  revealed  to  anyone unless with the consent of the supervisory level or management. Most  of the time, this is dealt on a case to case basis.


In the event of an inquiry of a hotel guest, the following step  must  be observed:

If the reception counter is not busy, offer to make  the  phone calls for the guest.

Confirm with him the surname of the  person  that he’s  looking for.

Get the company's name, and name of  the  guest  that's  making the enquiry.

If there's reply from the guest room, inform the guest that Mr. X from ABC company wishes  

       to speak to  him  before  putting  the call to the enquiring guest.

Should there be no reply, inform the enquiring  guest  politely and offer to take a message for the guest (check location)

In the event that the enquiring  guest  request  for  the  room number, DO NOT    

REVEAL the room number  or  any  other  information that might jeopardize the safety

      and security of the hotel guest.

Inform the guest politely that it's against  the  hotel  policy to reveal guest room number due to security measures. Offer to take a message.

If the receptionist is busy, advise  guest to  use  the  house phones.


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