How to Handle Maintenance Problems--butler Training Guide

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Standard: Butlers will have basic knowledge on how to answer questions about Maintenance problems in the Guest room, and able to complete some basic steps in resolving them.


Butlers will be trained by Engineering Associates to have basic knowledge of key areas in Guest Room in order to answer and resolve some simple problems.

Such problems of the following will be handle initially by the Butlers:

Safe Deposit Box not working

Air Conditioning/Heater Controls and Atmosphere

Lighting Controls


Electrical Outlets



Water Pressure


If problem is serious and cannot be solved, a request for an Engineer will be requested, however the Butler will always be with the Engineering Associate whilst Guest is present. The Butler will also gain more technical knowledge and experience whilst observing the correct action taken.

“I am Sorry, Mr. Jones, I will require my associate from the Engineering Department to assist me in solving this. I will return with him/her in a few minutes, would this be fine with you?”

Mandarin will be spoken while communicating to Engineer especially when Guests in present.

Upon return to Guest Room:

Mr. Jones, thank you for waiting, this is my associate Bill from Engineering. May we come in to correct the problem?”

Upon completion of problem, thank your Engineering Associate in front of the Guests (in the language of the Guests), and apologize to the Guests for the inconvenience caused.

“Thank you Bill for your assistance.”

“Mr. Jones, We do apologize for the inconvenience! We appreciate your understanding.”

“Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Have a Great Day!”

After leaving the Guest Room, Again thank your Engineering Associate for his/her assistance.

Record problem in Log and Guest Preference sheet to be updated in Guest History.

Next day check situation again to ensure problem in solved by observation and/or asking the Guests.

“Mr. Jones, Are you still having any problems with your Television?”


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